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What were they thinking

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Lucky, Steve Teron is a New York-based 'veteran' escort with an apparently long history of misrepresenting himself in his ads.

He's been pretty shameless about it, and the latest version on Rentboy is no exception.


Even so, if you look him up here, you'll find out that he was one of the top ten finalists in Hooboy's 'Best Escorts' survey in 1999, with 9 or 10 positive reviews to back up that exalted status. (The few since then tell a different story, however.)


Indeed, if Traveller checks up Teron's listing here, he'll find yet another Chris Farleyesque shot--this one in fire-fighter drag (!)


I must say, I found a lot of irony in seeing Traveller's post right after the thread about Hooboy's stepped-up efforts to weed out fradulent claims--from clients.

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