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Giant Talents Unreviewed. . .

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I'm sure your fellow-SQs (myself included) could make more confident recommendations if you'd say what you expect of these giant talents. As the giants might put it: "I'm not just a piece of meat, you know. . ." (Some of the big boys won't top, for instance; and some of the very biggest just want to kick back & let you do everything.)

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Actually, any and all info would be welcome. Usually I check the reviews; I can get a pretty good idea from them if someone is going to be worth my while. Within my bland vanilla limits I'm open to a variety of things, but I'm really more interested in hearing if someone is reliable, a clock watcher, a rip off artist, clean, attentive, worth hiring again, etc. All of those weigh on a decision to hire. I guess I'm not as well off as some of our fellow shoppers, so when I hire somebody who's charging NY prices, I want at least a clue that I'm likely to get my money's worth! So if anybody's been with one of these guys lately, please say so, and send in a current review! Thanks!

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Sorry if I seem to be cross-examining you, but you're still not being precise enough to get the kind of info you want. (This, by the way, is why so many escort encounters end up disappointing clients--especially one, like yourself, who's a cautious & budget-conscious buyer.)


In the Andre thread, you just expressed definite interest in meeting the guy, and this, after it was made very plain--by me!--that he's probably only for the client into trade.(Superhung & friendly, but trade nonetheless.) And yet, in this thread, you're so vague about your needs that I have to suspect you really want someone a lot more interactive than that.


Quite honestly, I really only like straight guys myself, but in the absence of posts from others for whom reciprocity is a must, let me leap into the breach with just one suggestion.


Based on what I've read here over the past year or so, my guess is that Cory would be a sound investment for you. When you check the NYC listings here, look for him under that precise spelling--his name is 'Corey' actually, but that's not plain till his reviews pop up. Seems to me that anyone who's into size, but wants a whole array of other virtues, ought to be happy with him. (Who knows? Maybe even I would. . .)


As I recall, Traveller (probably the most experienced & reliable consumer this site has ever had) put Corey at the top of his New York City 'must-see' list. But you'd have to find that thread somehow, & I don't remember what it was called.


Another thing: if I'm not mistaken, most of the escorts you cited in your first post are (like Andre) black; and yet you don't mention this at all in explaining your expectations.

I think that Traveller was going to check out Winston (who had been 'Malcolm' when his ad first appeared in Rentboy), but I don't remember whether he ever did, or what he had to say.

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Gosh! As I said in my earlier post, within my plain vanilla limits I do have variations. Not EVERYONE wants to go into all the gory details on this site, but you've cleverly deduced that, among other things, I don't necessarily object to trade, and I wouldn't say no to somebody just because he was black! (I am also attracted to equally monumental men of other ancestry, and have been with quite a few over the years, paid or not.) Affection and reciprocity are welcome, but not always necessary. Mostly I'm oral, but under the right circumstances I'm willing to re-lose my virginity. I really have only one major criterion when I'm renting, and that's SIZE. Big dicks rule! From that all other considerations flow. This is why the reviews are so helpful, because I can get a good idea of what a particular escort offers, if others have found him worthwhile, etc. Andre's reviews and pictures ring my bells, which is why I asked for his contact information if he's willing to share it. Thanks also for the tip on Cory; I'll check out his review as well!

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OK! Now you're talking!


While you're checking those NYC reviews, you'll find that Tyke & Winston are covered in there after all. Others to check out are Cueller, Tony (don't ask me which #--the Latino with the huge dick--another Traveller recommendation), Jean-Claude (the 'Belgian Beercan'), and Tom #2. Last one is controversial, but he's the only real piece of trade in the lot, and I suspect his two lousy reviews are from guys who SAID they wanted the scene he's offering but were actually after something else. He used to have a Rentboy ad, maybe still does. A truly HUGE uncut piece of meat. Every one of these guys is pricey, BTW.


I'm going to shut up now. This has turned into a 2-way exchange instead of a forum thread. Is is possible that Tri & I are the ONLY two size queens here?

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If SQ stands for studly queer, I'll take it.


The truly big boys that are recommended (in no particular order)



Jean Claude

Tony #2






The above guys are in a league of their own in terms of size; however, the last three are long, but not as thick


Matt Top

Raul #2


Alex (up from Miami for the summer)


Tom (The bigger the better from rentboy - not reviewed here yet)

Justin (probably not as big as the average here, but big enough)

Tony (Harlem Gold from rentboy and not reviewed here)


I've been with Corey, Spider, Tony #2, Rico, Carlos and Justin more than once. Corey, Tony #2 and Justin much more.


The not so big, but big enough and very recommended boys


Luke #2





Luke #2 is another of my all-time faves; and I've been with the others lots of times.


The big boys who are not recommended


Winston (not that bad, but a bit of a snore)

Tyke (because my fellow studly queer, Dickho, said he was a snore)

Cueler (because I've heard he's a mess and I can see that he's, if not fat, not even remotely toned

Angel (because from the reviews he a tad too clinical for my taste)


The big boys that I haven't tried, but want to





Chris #3


Enjoy NYC.




PS. You should know that not only do I require 8" or longer, but also 6' or taller. Therefore I can't recommend any M cubed (midgets with monster members) escorts.

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Guest george

I agree with Traveller's list of super hung studs. I would also include Jean Claude and Corey as my two favorite big men.


I only want to add Jason Markus to "big" list, having recently met him.


Also "Travis" the Aussie is very thick, long, uncut and always hot. He is Enzo's bf, so you may want to splurge on a 3-way!


Just a thought...

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Guest Steve

Traveller, no mention of Chad Hunt?? Are you insane? He's huge. I met with him when he lived in Columbus, OH for awhile and had the biggest cock I had ever seen, soft.


Having been with Chris #3, you'll be disappointed, as he is under 6'. However, he is very gifted and well worth it. I reviewed him and after our fuck session, he was covered in sweat -- totally hot!!


I concur with Justin, great top, A&F physique and looks and is a great all-around guy. In fact, Justin and Chris were rooming together for awhile. Not sure if they still are, but back in January when I was in NYC, I found out that Chris and Justin were good friends and tried to set up a 3-way. Too bad the timing was bad.


An out of towner who occasionally visits NYC is Michael from Columbus. He's 6-3, very built and huge cock. He looks like he should be playing linebacker for the Buckeyes. Michael's a great top and has LOTS of stamina, too. I met with him a few weeks ago and after a solid 30 minutes of pounding my ass, I gave out before he did.


Finally, I would say you're right on the money about Angel. I met with him and he was a dud. He required that he wear a condom while I blew him, not a problem, except, he didn't bring any. When it came time to fuck, he used 2 new condoms, and almost a whole bottle of lube. Only problem was, he never fucked me. I told him I was very tight and needed some loosening up, he never did and left that up to me, which I started to do. He then tried to fuck me, but could never quite get in before going soft and just giving up. He then told me that it wasn't his fault and made some stupid comment about guys getting the wrong idea and who was going to mess with him anyway. I guess that was his subtle way of making a "threat". He was a total waste.

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Guest jizzdepapi



Here's a big time alert about condom use. NEVER NEVER NEVER use more than one condom at a time. the risk of a condom breaking from increased friction is phenomenomally higher when using more than one. using one condom is plenty of protection as long as it's not too old and has not been mishandled.




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Glad to finally see all the size queens come out of the woodwork. Or some such. Like CZ, I was beginning to think I was the only one around here with the letters S-I-Z-E in glittering rhinestones around the rim of my tiara. . . :-)


Traveller - thanks especially for the rated/ranked list!


To clarify my own personal criteria, I'm also one of those especially turned on by guys who are both humongously hung and tremendously tall (one of my fantasies has always been to be adopted by a cute, well-hung basketball team). On the other hand, I certainly don't rule out munchkins with monster meat. My obsession with all things Brazilian is by now well known, and Brazilians, on average, are not as tall as Americans or Northern Europeans. I'm 5'6 and find that I'm of average height in Brazil. Years of steamy experience south of the Equator have taught me that very big things indeed can come in small packages! And what packages!!!


Of the NY escorts mentioned here, I have been with Jean-Claude (Beercan) a couple of years ago. He was exactly as advertised, a nice guy and I had a very pleasant afternoon with him. But I'm ready to move on in my never-ending search for the ultimate endowment. . .


Keep those posts and reviews cummin' guys!

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Guest paulnyc



Thomas who dances at the Gaiety should definitely be on your list of very tall, very hung studs, who live in New York.

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