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Tipping Escorts

Guest Meister
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Guest Meister

Obviously, they would like something extra, but I'm a little confused. Out in the rest of the world, one would tip an employee of a business, but you generally don't tip an independant contractor or business owner. This logic would have me tipping a good time for someone from an agency, but not tipping a guy who works solo because all the money goes into their pockets.


What gives here.....

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Generally speaking a tip when you are at a restaurant or other service provider is money that is extra to someone who works for another as a sign of gratitude.


For instance many waiters only receive minimum wage and rely on tips to survive. The purpose of tipping is to inspire better service. Now some people feel you shouldn't tip an escort if they are not with an agency since all the money is theirs to enjoy.


Well I am a tipper I do not care if you own the business or work for the owner. I tip as a sign of appreciation and acknowledgement of good service. I also want this level of service to continue on future visits. I am not a heavy handed tipper unless the moment was extremely special than all bets are off and this could spell a downpour for the individual providing the service.


My suggestion would be tip based on your level of service. Also don't tip outside your means since your service provider may come to expect it on future visits. Tipping should also be used to express your satisfaction with the service. (ie no tip for bad service or 5%) I think you get the drift.


Happy Hiring! :-)

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Guest DCescortBOY

i never expect a tip, meister. but, a tip does serve a purpose: it is a sign or appreciation for an especially good time. i tend to be expensive anyway, and i work solo, so when i get a tip, i know my client has particularly enjoyed himself.

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Guest Berdy

In regards to tipping escorts it seems there is a lot of confusion and I've had a lot of clients question me about it. The reason you would tip an independent contractor in escort is because its an intimate service. Its not like a mechanic or a dry cleaner, its someone who has spent time, physical and emotional energy to fulfill one of your most basic and misunderstood needs. I don't think its particularly farfetched to want to show a little additional appreciation in regards to that.


Try to flip sides for a moment and think what it would be like to have to be ready for sex at the whim of others and motivate yourself into the mood whilst remembering that there is a lot of time spent marketing, prepping the house, traveling, going to the gym, carefully watching your diet, passing up on dates outside to keep your energy up for the client you have later, the stigma that comes with being an escort on a daily basis...


Also, presuming the escort was good and you had a good time with him, there is a practical reason for tipping. If there are two people after the same appointment time, and this happens a lot, guess who gets special consideration. Its also a lot easier to move yourself into the mood to be intimate with somebody who you know appreciates your company.


I hope this helps :)

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Guest jeffOH

Right On Berdy, you took the words right out of my mouth. I have

been in a situation where I had to choose which regular I was

going to see because they wanted the same appt. time. It came

down to who was less maintenance and who tips. I try to accommo-

date everyone I can without diminishing the quality of service

I provide.


On the other hand, if I'm seeing someone on a weekly basis, I

don't expect a tip. That's just a bit too much. I don't expect

tips from clients, but when they do I always look at it as a

compliment for a job well-done.


I tip well in restaurants because I enjoy the preferential

treatment and I think some clients tip escorts for the same

reason. It's really a personal thing, you know, what is it worth

to you?

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The tipping questions has been discussed many times on this board.


>Try to flip sides for a

>moment and think what it

>would be like to have

>to be ready for sex

>at the whim of others

>and motivate yourself into the

>mood whilst remembering that there

>is a lot of time

>spent marketing, prepping the house,

>traveling, going to the gym,

>carefully watching your diet, passing

>up on dates outside to

>keep your energy up for

>the client you have later,

>the stigma that comes with

>being an escort on a

>daily basis...


I understand but this is your chosen profession and your rates should be set to cover the cost of doing business (what you describe above) plus give you a reasonable profit.


>Also, presuming the escort was good

>and you had a good

>time with him, there is

>a practical reason for tipping.


I expect an escort or other service provider to be good. I always expect to have a good time and that's why I pay more per hour for escorts than I do for any other service I contract.


Personally I rarely tip. I have on a few exceptional occasions or if I actually thought the guy was under charging me. I do occasionally buy someone a gift or a nice dinner as a token of my appreciation.


There is a downside to tipping and I have experienced it. Once you tip it can lead to an expectation of receiving that tip each time you see someone. In effect the client has just upped the fee. In several cases when I have tipped one time and not the next, the escort thought something was wrong.

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>Generally speaking a tip when you are at a restaurant or

>other service provider is money that is extra to someone

>who works for another as a sign of gratitude.


I disagree. Tipping is the payment for service in a restaurant. Waiters cannot live on their salaries; the assumption is that we will augment the dinner cost with a payment for services.


Escorting rates are the full cost of service. Any additional tips are icing - an indication that the guy deserves more than his fee.



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Bear in mind here that when I was working I always counted my money in front of my clients (sticky ATM money! I once actually kept a guy from giving me an extra $100 bill he hadn't meant to hand me) and basically tried to hand any extra back, though once assured it was a tip I took it happily. I got a lot of tips but I could never shake that little fear, just before the compliment, that the money had only been miscounted. (I'm half Scots and as cheap with your money as I am with my own.)


HOWEVER, I was wondering, and too lazy to go back into the archives to check it out, - Has anyone ever mentioned the idea that karma comes into play in tipping? I know that when I tip, I often tip fairly heavily because "What goes around comes around." And if I show my appreciation for your good work, someone else will show their appreciation for mine.

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