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Escort Rebuttals

Guest Meister
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Guest Meister

Hey guys, sorry if this has been covered here, but I'm new to this.


I've backtracked and picked up a number of reviews with rebuttals from escorts about bad clients. They seem to go on and on, blaming the customer for everything but the faltering economy. I recognize an escorts need to try to negate a bad review, but when they go on and on it seems like "the lady doth protest too much". A wise response would seem to be, "I do not believe this to be true, but I apprecaiate the feedback and will use it in the future to more selectively screen my clients". Zing it back from the high road. Getting down into the pits just makes an escort look like a loose cannon as well. Nobody wins in a pissing contest; you just both end up yellow. Unless you're into that, but that's another story...


I am particularly interested in how escorts view this, and of course anyone else.

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There has been a **lot** of discussion about this in other threads. Many posters have commented on the fact that they way an escorts handles a rebuttal can say more about him than a positive review.


Yes, there are a few escorts who choose to get into pissing contests with unsatisfied clients. But, there are many more who handle the situation with grace and dignity.

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Guest alanm

I agree. The way an escort responds to a negative review is very

telling. I learn much more from the response than the review.

Also, escort postings on the Message Center are a good way to learn more about an escort. In the middle of an otherwise great posting, a well known escort recently said that he never identifies his true identity to his clients. Even after a year?

Two years? Finally, some escorts just do not read their reviews.

That's their own personal policy and probably cuts down on much stress. Of course, some clients will mention a bad review on occasion. The escorts who do not read the reviews usually have

an excellent client base and could care less about a negative review now and then. In other words, some escorts and clients

probably overvalue this site. I like HooBoy, but the world would not end if the site ended.

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>I agree. The way an escort

>responds to a negative review

>is very

>telling. I learn much more from

>the response than the review.


Me, too.


>he never identifies his

>true identity to his clients.

>Even after a year?

>Two years?


With very few exceptions, I NEVER learn the "true identity" of my escorts, even after many years. I don't need that info.


>Finally, some escorts

>just do not read their


>That's their own personal policy and

>probably cuts down on much



They also miss the chance to pick up on a fault that can be corrected.


> I like HooBoy, but the world would

>not end if the site



No, but the quality of my sex life would plummet.



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Guest alanm

The escort who stated that he never reveals his true identity

also talked at length about how many of his clients were his friends earlier in the posting. I agree escorts are not obliged

to give their real identidy. Since this is an escort who lives near by and was a potential for me, I paid particular notice.

Friendship seems to require more tha "never revealing my full

identity." In my experience, some are wise not to read their reviews. Some of their minor fault are basic parts of their

personalities and probably can't be changes-- are exceptions though.

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Well anyone who's been checking this site regularly over the last year or so, will have seen more than one escort, shoot themselves in the dick.. um I mean foot.

The opportunity for a rebutal, often times is more telling than any negative review could ever be, in that it's one of the few chances of catching a glipse into the personality of the escort.

Yes the high road would probably be the better choice to take, but in taking the low road, you learn a lot about the person, and can make a decision as to whether or not to engage them in the future.

matt(likes the middle road)



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Guest Tampa Yankee

Matt (the Sorcerer's Apprentice?)


Congrats on message # -- the eighth power of 2...


This talk of shots, dicks, and roads (high, low, and middle) in this particular message must be some mystical missive, the meaning of which has eluded me so far. But I am prepared to get to the bottom of this no matter how long it takes or how far I must travel....



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Th best and most effective rebuttals have been those that have maintained a professional tone and not sunk into name calling and assigning blame. Especially when dealing with an escort who has a good track record, a professional rebuttal makes the negative review seem to be out of place. In some cases, the escort has even admitted to some of what was said being true and apologized for it. In this case, I don't believe that the negative review harms their career or income potential in the long run. (It may prevent a few people from hiring them, but those clients are probably not worth the time)


It's when the escort goes over the deep end in denial and blame and histrionics that it makes me think that the negative review has some merit.

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Guest andreas

>Th best and most effective rebuttals

>have been those that have

>maintained a professional tone and

>not sunk into name calling

>and assigning blame. Especially

>when dealing with an escort

>who has a good track

>record, a professional rebuttal makes

>the negative review seem to

>be out of place.

>In some cases, the escort

>has even admitted to some

>of what was said being

>true and apologized for it.

> In this case, I

>don't believe that the negative

>review harms their career or

>income potential in the long

>run. (It may prevent

>a few people from hiring

>them, but those clients are

>probably not worth the time)



>It's when the escort goes over

>the deep end in denial

>and blame and histrionics that

>it makes me think that

>the negative review has some




I totally agree. My rebuttal to a less than favorable review garnered many positive private e-mails most of which echoed the "out of place" sentiment you mention.


To any escort considering a rebuttal, I can offer the following words of wisdom my mother taught me. "Never burn bridges. You may need to cross over them in the future."


Actually, that may apply to certain posters on this board as well:-)


-Andreas Mikeals



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I too agree with the rest here. The way an escort handles a negative review says a lot about the escort.


However, I have heard from some escorts that even one bad review here to spell a serious decline in business. It stands to reason that it the escort rebutts the review in a negative tone that he is only further adding to his losses.


Keep in mind this is a profession for many of these guys and they take it very serious. If escorts ever had a chance to post reviews on clients we would be in trouble with all the quirks and fetishes some of us have. Just to name a few like cleanliness, wanting unprotected sex, relationships, etc...


We as the clients need to read the reviews and determine if the bad out weighs the good and in most cases it does so we would still continue to hire the escort.

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>I too agree with the rest

>here. The way an escort

>handles a negative review says

>a lot about the escort.


Amen brother! Preach on! <cue the black church ladies!!>


>However, I have heard from some

>escorts that even one bad

>review here to spell a

>serious decline in business. It

>stands to reason that it

>the escort rebutts the review

>in a negative tone that

>he is only further adding

>to his losses.


Paging Mike Stefano!!! It is understandable that there will be a short term loss in clients, but in the long run, the negative review will come to look like the aberration it is. Of course, if the escort goes off the deep end and starts pissing and moaning like a little bitch, it makes the situation even worse and makes us question if the GOOD reviews are the phonies and the bad review reflects the escort's true colors.


>Keep in mind this is a

>profession for many of these

>guys and they take it

>very serious. If escorts ever

>had a chance to post

>reviews on clients we would

>be in trouble with all

>the quirks and fetishes some

>of us have. Just to

>name a few like cleanliness,

>wanting unprotected sex, relationships, etc...


Profession is a good word. A PROFESSIONal escort will respond to a negative review in a PROFESSIONal way. Review clients? By all means! Of course, if the escort starts revealing the personal things a client does or wants to do, so endeth the gravy train. Not a very PROFESSIONal thing to do.


>We as the clients need to

>read the reviews and determine

>if the bad out weighs

>the good and in most

>cases it does so we

>would still continue to hire

>the escort.



Exactly. You passed the final exam. You got the point! Now if only the not so bright students could get it!!

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Guest Stefano

I will consider this to be my last post on this site since according to my status here I am no longer escorting(FALSE). Though I shall not see what follows this post I will pressume that it will be nothing short of a warm hug from one friend to the other.


>>I too agree with the rest

>>here. The way an escort

>>handles a negative review says

>>a lot about the escort.


I was only wanting to know if you are referring to me in this portion of your truely enlightening post?

I only want to make it clear so that It isn't myself you are referring to because if it was me then I would have to assume that you disliked me and were trying to spread false rumors. Just in case, you can go to the escorts reviews section and under myname you will find five reviews(all by legitimate reviewers) and not one of them is negative. In fact, as i read each of them over this morning I found myself recalling each of the five meetings and also many other meetings that followed with some of them as my regulars and just couldn't figure out what it was you were talking about.


>>However, I have heard from some

>>escorts that even one bad

>>review here to spell a

>>serious decline in business. It

>>stands to reason that it

>>the escort rebutts the review

>>in a negative tone that

>>he is only further adding

>>to his losses.


I will agree with you on a certain level but also have to take into consideration that perhaps the client has made false statements about that escort. In doing this I can understand how an escort would be a bit pissed. In fact, just a short testimonial to this subject, I was a bit "pissed off" when I read your post referring to me and my negative attitude since I haven't had a negative attitude towards any client that has given me a bad review since I haven't received one. Now in a professional world a person has to learn to swallow his pride and just smile sometimes as hard as it may be. But just because that person is smiling doesn't mean that they aren't angry. I will just smile at your comments both here and wherever they may appear throughout thi site. But it doesn't mean that I'm not "pissed off", only that I am a professional.


>Paging Mike Stefano!!! It is

>understandable that there will be

>a short term loss in

>clients, but in the long

>run, the negative review will

>come to look like the

>aberration it is.


Well I can only imagine that that would be the case, HOWEVER,.....

I did not receive a bad review. My status "no longer escorting" is if anything the reason client requests have lowered for me. I say lowered because they haven't stopped and I hope they don't.




>course, if the escort goes

>off the deep end and

>starts pissing and moaning like

>a little bitch, it makes

>the situation even worse


Now I am wondering who sets the standards for what the "deep end" is and what is considered bitching and moaning? I guess the only person that can say where that fine line is, is a person who has crossed it and knows what its like. Therefore I cannot comment any further on your "deep end" statement. As for pissing like a little bitch, well there's a strong and very oppinionated statement. The subject here is "RE: Escort Rebuttals" rt? Now if this post of mine is classified as an escort rebuttal, is it going to make my situation worse? If so then I have to say that the escort that bitches and moans is the winner over the other escort that was very polite and acted professionally. At least the cry baby got his true feelings on the matter out and I'm sure gained the credibility of a few clients who recognized such rage could only come from the frustration of being discredited falsley.



> and

>makes us question if the

>GOOD reviews are the phonies

>and the bad review reflects

>the escort's true colors.


Well I guess that statement can also be reversed and the ANGRY poster who didn't approach the situation professionally could be questioned as to whether or not he's credible. Basically there are NO gaurantees on this site and the only way to know is to experience. The reviews are just a guide right?


>>Keep in mind this is a

>>profession for many of these

>>guys and they take it

>>very serious.


And no matter how serious each escort takes his job, there is a human being that comes as a package with that professional. And in my case, that personality and warmth and tenderness that feels like a lover or as a few of my clients have said "Dream Date" , is what keeps 'em coming back. And I hope that you too would prefer an escort that tells you what feels good and what doesn't and will ask if something feels good /bad so that maybe what is an awkword situation can turn into a pleasant experience. It shouldn't be your goal to have an unenjoyable experience and if it is then you shouldn't be hiring escorts in the first place. And if all you want is the professional than I would like to recommend purchasing one at your local sex store. They advertise about these plastic blowup compannions that are as realistic as they come. But you're a smart guy, I'm sure that you've already ventured down that aisle.



> If escorts ever

>>had a chance to post

>>reviews on clients


Geeez guys, what if. That almost sounds like sharing info about clients with other escorts in deciding whether or not to take an appointment. Well that wouldn't right now would it. Not even if we happened to come in contact with some looney that might be dangersous should one escort give out info on a client. *NOTE Sarcasm is a form of bitching and moaning. WARNING!WARNING!WARNING! Sense of humor leads to less clients. This has been a test. Had it been an actual emergency an inflatable life size partner would have arrived at your door with no sarcasm or bitching. Moaning available upon request.


Well for those of you who do know me personally you should know that i couldn't leave without the last laugh! And I laugh only because one chapter is ending and another will soon begin. That's funny don't you think? That I can say goodbye with a smile to you all. To HooBoy I thank you for providing this service to both ends of the spectrum. You have your hands full and work cut out for you and for all that I wish you the best of luck. To the escorts, we all know what it's like to be in this profession and it aint easy. We should try more to help one another and if not that than atleast stray from hurting each other. I'm in LA and will be traveling this summer. Would love to write a few reviews myself. For the clients, especially my personal clients, I know that I had dissappeared but understand that I did what had to be done. I just graduated from school despite what might have been said ad I am returning to escorting after my break. This IS my last post and anything following this is not important to me. The only thing that is important is that I have stated my oppinion and hopefully wasn't an a bitch(besides the sarcasm).

Take care ya'all


Mike Stefano ;-)~ (Closing ceremony's are always so long and tedious.)


Only way to be

reached for now is @

MrMikeStefano@yahoo.com I have a new # for those that I know and trust....

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To Meister aka TFNH


I can't help but notice that you posted this thread under one of your aliases just before you posted your no/no review on Jason Coxx.


Was the Meister posting name created just for the sole purpose of causing a little ruckus where Jason Coxx is concerned?


Was this done to somehow increase the credibility of your review and make Jason look stupid?


Did you not think you would get caught doing this?


I'd be interested to hear what you have to say, unless of course your Alzheimer's has kicked back in.

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