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After the date

Guest TFNH
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Guest TFNH

Often much of the communication prior to meeting an escort is done via Email, then phone. After meeting with an escort, if the time has been fun, I have generally followed up with a quick Email to the escort, saying briefly that it was fun,thanks,etc.

The question is: is it reasonable to expect a reply from the escort? Good business etiquette would say yes, but in this business, who knows what to expect.

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Guest fedssocr

I usually do this too. And if it's an agency I like to give them feedback positive and negative if necessary. I think I have always received a reply.

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Guest swiftone

I always send a thankyou note, too, if I have had a good time. I have usually received a reply thanking me too. I know I always appreciate a response from the escort.

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I think it's a very nice idea to send a note saying thanks. I think it's a nice of telling the guy that you see him as a human being worth valuing.


What really amazes me is how few escorts seem to do this first -- and I would be amazed if they didn't respond at all, although some escorts get so much email they end up not being really great at responding to email.


But sending a short email saying thanks to a client after an encounter, no matter how brief, would seem to one of the basics of good salesmanship.

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Guest formerrookie

I always try to send a note to say thanks for showing me a great time. I have also been known to call and say it in person.

What keeps me going back to the same people is when I have an escort do the same thing. An email is nice, but when an escort calls me to say he enjoyed meeting me...well, call it salesmanship or whatever you want...but it hooks me!!! With as busy as some of them are, I think it is pure class when somebody does that.


That man will get another call!! and usually does!!

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Guest Rookie

I always make it a practice to send a "thank you" note and have always received a response. With some of the escorts I've used recently, their email notes sometimes reach me before I get to send mine -- others, who live a little farther away, wind up responding to my note -- since my email usually arrives before they get home.


In the case of agencies, I also send them a "thank you" note as well providing any immediate feedback to them and generally ask that they pass my comments on to the escort. The one agency I've used recently is very good about responding.


I am, however, curious about how others feel about whether they would use an escort again if they didn't receive a response. This assumes that you didn't already know that the person was either going out of town or would be otherwise unavailable to email. I tend to judge people not only on their bedroom skills - but, also on their communication skills. If I didn't receive a response -- I might assume the escort was not interested in seeing me anymore. Then it would depend upon how much I enjoyed myself as to whether or not I'd bother to contact that person again.



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Guest TFNH

I was wondering what the response would be to my inquiry. Personally, this would be a word to the wise escort: Thank the customer first, not matter what the experience. This is simply a good business practice for any business. Failure to do so risks alientating a potentailly good customer, and through the review service it risks alientating 1000's of potential customers. This is, at the end of the day, a service business, and all the rules of good service apply.

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Guest jizzdepapi

i think this might be a case of "much ado about nothing." at the end of a date, it is over, done, kaput, hope it was fun and u are a little bleary-eyed (maybe a little difficult to walk anyone?). say goodby, say thanks, smile, hug, kiss, tip like mad if u r happy.


send an email if u want. if u don't or if u don't get a response, it means NOTHING. u will call again if u want or won't if u don't. if it was great sex, the escort is probably thinking, "oh, he'll be back," but he's not sitting by the phone waiting. and neither should u be waiting for ur phone to ring or email to announce, "you've got mail."


just a thought,


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Guest andreas

Unless a cleint gives his consent, I will not call unexpectedly. I realize some of my clients have lovers, are married or closeted. Receiving a unexpected phone call from an escort, no matter how discreet the call may be, can put some people in an awkward position.


Although I intend to send a "thank-you" email, admittedly I sometimes fall behind in my emails. I always respond to a "thank-you" email.


-Andreas Mikeals



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I don't use local escorts, as a general rule and I don't think one way or another if I don't receive a follow-up email. However, if I've had an appointment with an escort that I would like to see again in the future, I usually do send a courtesy e-mail thanking him for his time and indicating a hope that I might see him again in the future. I think an escort who has had an appointment with a client that he would enjoy booking again would be well advised to do the same. It's good business practice. Many escorts complain about bad clients, but seem to do little (except perhaps to increase their rates) to improve their customer base.

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Guest Jason Coxx

>Thank the customer

>first, not matter what the

>experience. This is simply

>a good business practice for

>any business. Failure to

>do so risks alientating a

>potentailly good customer, and through

>the review service it risks

>alientating 1000's of potential customers.

>This is, at the end of the day, a

>service business, and all the

>rules of good service apply.


This may be a service business, but it is also a business that demands privacy and confidentiality. Thanking a client at the end of an appointment is one thing, but sending a thank you note is not always the proper thing to do especially if the client is married or involved in a relationship. I will not send a thank you note to a client unless I am 100% sure it is OK to do so.


Jason Coxx



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I have to admit that while I appreciate an escort responding to my thank you email, which I send only if I truly enjoyed myself to the point of wanting another "date," I would be put off if an escort made the first move in this regard. An unsolicited email is okay, though I prefer to initiate the contact myself. Unless I'm a regular client of someone, however, I certainly wouldn't want him phoning me out of the blue. It just seems too pushy to me. This has happened to me twice and on both occasions I was taken by surprise (and turned off). I actually might have hired one of the guys again had he not been so presumptuous as to attempt to schedule a second "date" with me only one week after we first met.

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What if the date was only so-so, you don't intend on having another, and you run into them online or they send you an email asking when will we meet again....what's the best way to tell them once was enough? I've had responses such as "give me another try, you won't be disappointed" or, "so you don't think I'm attractive" or "you don't think I'm sexy". It doesn't seem to be enough to ask that they not take it personally. One of the main reasons I see escorts is to avoid this kind of situation.

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Even if we didn't really click, I usually send a short "Thanks for your time, it was nice meeting you" note. If we really did click, it's longer and includes a "Hope to see you again" section, even if thats going to be several months away and not time to get into any particulars. Only if the guy was a real rip off, and that hasn't happened lately, will I ignore him.

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Guest formerrookie

I traditionally use escorts when out of town. If I contact them before hand it is usually done through email or instant message. I will sometimes give my cell number. I am the only one that has access to it so discretion is maintained. I will give the guys my cell and after we have met, I tell them to feel free to call me if they want. If I don't click with a guy, they can tell. They don't get my number. These guys aren't nieve. I did have one guy call me everynight at the hotel when I was in town. He did not get my cell number!! I was polite and bowed out. It isn't that I had a bad time with him, I was just wanting to "experience" others. (and by the way, I found one of the hottest hunks on the face of the earth that way!!)

Anyway...I have no problem with certain escorts having my private number. I HAVE control of the numbers I give out. Two have my home number only because of the trust level we have established.

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Guest alanm

I don't see any point in a thank you note from either party. The

most important things is contacting the escort for another meeting. That is truly when both parties know that the first time was a success.

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>I don't see any point in

>a thank you note from

>either party.


Alan, thank you notes are the grease that helps social interactions run smoothly. Failing to send a note is like showing up at a dinner party empty handed.



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Guest MrMan

I've had clients call me, e-mail me and send a card/gift/or

flowers to let me know they had a great time. I think the most

important Thank You is at the end of the "date". The one thing

I don't appreciate is when a client takes it upon himself to put

me on his buddy list so he can Instant Message me. I'd much

rather get a regular e-mail that I can answer at my convenience.

Also, it can get to be a bit tedious anwering e-mails or phone

calls of clients I see weekly, I mean I know they had a good

time, but how many thank you(s) are necessary.


I've hired many escorts myself, one of whom I've seen numerous

times. I have upon occasion called and left a message or sent an

e-mail thanking him for a particularly HOT FUCK. I always

appreciate it when a client thanks me, because not all clients

exhibit their enjoyment externally.

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Guest MrMan

>MrMan, you profile is disabled.

>Do you mind if I ask

>where you escort? Have

>you been reviewed here?

>Inquiring minds want to know.




I'm sorry Dick. I wasn't trying to keep my escort identity a

big secret. I had thought of these forums as a place to discuss

issues and I didn't want to be perceived as an escort who uses

the the Lounge or the Deli to drum up business. I sort of outed

myself in the Escort Travels board a week or so ago. Jeff of

Columbus, Ohio(NOT Jeffrey Johnson) Thanks for asking Dick.

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>I wasn't trying

>to keep my escort identity

>a big secret. I had thought of

>these forums as a place

>to discuss issues and I didn't

>want to be perceived as an

>escort who uses the the Lounge

>or the Deli to drum up business.

>I sort of outed myself in the

>Escort Travels board a week or

>so ago.


>Jeff of

>Columbus, Ohio(NOT Jeffrey Johnson)




There's nothing wrong with posting under your escort name on the boards. A lot of guys do it -- i.e., Matt from Tampa, Matt from Vancouver, Rod Hagen, Rick Munroe, Jason Reardone, and ChicagoCorey to name a few. There's nothing wrong with it. It helps us get to know the escorts and their personalities. (It's actually better than any review, IMHO.) Although I'm sure that others will disagree with me, but I've never perceived the their posts as an attempt to drum up business. (Except for those instances where an escort has responded to a post asking for a recommendation about a specific scene or type of client. However, there's nothing wrong with that either. Such a response is what initially caused me to reach out to someone who has become one my favorites. :D He knows who he is! :9) I say go for it. Sign off with your escort name and contact information. Include a link to you website. (If you have one.) It you get some new clients as a result, then I say good for you!



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Guest MrMan

Justice--I understand your point--not all the escorts who post

here do that, but there are a few who seem to use these forums

for self-promotion and as a tool to win some meaningless

"Top Escorts" popularity contest. I may be new to posting on

this site (I just got a computer a month or so ago), but I have

been following the postings in these forums for well over a year

now. I was looking forward to expressing my opinions and engaging

in lively debates with other posters on this site.


You're right, I suppose this can be a good place to get to know

more about an escort, but I tend to take a more laid back

approach. I figured if someone wanted to get to know me they

could read my reviews, e-mail me or give me a call to set up an

appt. and then really get to know me as well as many of my

clients have during my 10 years as an escort.


I've continued to learn a lot about the dynamics of the escort/

client relationship, not only by hiring escorts myself, but also

from insightful postings that may make me more aware of the

valuable service I provide. I know I'm improving and evolving

as an escort as a result of these forums and for that I thank you


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