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Brad - Formerly of San Diego

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LAST EDITED ON May-29-01 AT 00:42AM (EST)[p]I am posting the following message. I take it that HQ does not want to deal with email questions right now and I hope everyone will respect him in this time of overwhelming grief.


HooBoy, I have recently received several emails from readers of your site 

who are aware that I was somewhat close to Brad of San Diego. It's sort of 

hard to answer them as I am still quite emotional about his unexpected 

death. So possibly you could place a small post in your email section or by 

his reviews regarding the circumstances... as I understand people are 

naturally curious as to what happened.


Brad was in Mexico with a friend when he died in a cliff jumping accident. 

Living in Southern California the past 7 years of his way too short life he 

was accustomed to cliff jumping in the Carlsbad area. In fact, over the 

years several guys had died cliff jumping in Carlsbad and the police stepped 

up their patrols of the area recently. Brad was well aware of the danger 

yet loved the thrill.


About two weeks ago he and a friend went down to Mexico ( a short drive from 

my home where he had been temporarily staying )simply to have some fun. On 

the night of May 20th about 10:00pm Brad could not be found. His friend and 

others they met down there began a search for him that resulted in the 

discovery of his nude body near the bottom of the cliff they had jumped at 

earlier in the day. The area police seem to feel it might have been a 

suicide. Those of us who knew Brad find that hard to believe. We also wonder 

why Brad would go jumping alone, especially at night. And in the nude, this 

just wasn't Brad's style.


Some have suggested that he might have been ripped off then thrown over the 

cliff. The medical reports did not find anything unusual in Brad's system, 

no suicide note yet no signs of foul play either. With that said his wallet 

and visa are missing.


As some know Brad had quit escorting. I can honestly say that he never once 

spoke negatively about any of the guys he had been with as some escorts do. 

He always enjoyed making others feel less pain, as he would put it. He went 

on an extended trip that he absolutely loved. Though when he returned from 

his trip he began to get several emails from people who wanted to hurt him, 

these appeared to be from former clients who were mad that he would not see 

them anymore. He did not take the threats seriously yet at my urging he 

changed a few things and took down some new pics he had posted on his site. 

Also, He recently came in second place at some skate competition and that 

thrilled him. He was preparing to move back to Miami to begin college. He 

had lived in Miami when he was younger and was very excited about moving 



None of this really matters as Brad is dead an the sun doesn't seem as 

bright anymore and the ocean not as blue. All the photos and memories cannot 

ease the pain of having someone so full of life vanish from this earth. 

Sadly, we all experience this as we get older yet I never expected to see 

Brad die before me.


It all seems unreal to me. I keep feeling as if he is going to walk in any 

minute, shirtless as always, skateboard under his arm, that goofy smile on 

his face and ask what's for dinner. Then he would take a shower while I 

cooked him something, come out with just a towel wrapped around his waist, 

give me this little hug and eat like he hadn't done so in weeks. Then he 

would head out to meet with friends and usually return home about 1am each 

night. While our relationship started out sexual in nature (client and escort) 

it ended as part time Dad and son... so he would jump into my large bed and 

go to sleep next to me, nothing sexual at all. I miss feeling him near me 





HooBoy: Dear HQ,

I am saddened by your loss and I grieve with you.


I am going to post your message.


Please do not feel obligated to write to anyone at this time.


I am SO sorry. This is so, so sad.


Warmest regards,







Email: HooBoy@male4malescorts.com

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Guest trekker

Thank you, HQ (and HooBoy, too), for sharing that with us. I found it quite moving. Although I never had the chance to know Brad, it sounds like he was a fine young man. And my sincere sympathy goes out to you.

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Damn this sucks. I am so sorry to hear about this loss. He was a bright and promising young man who had plenty to live for. He will surely be missed.

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sorry to read of brad's death. my thoughts are with you. your case is an example that it is possible to become friends with an escort; there are some wonderful men who escort and you are lucky to have shared your life with him; it sounds like you both were the better for the relationship.

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