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Ask a proctologist

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I asked our dear friend and drama queen, Billyboy to send me a copy of the heisted post from the private escort forum. After having read it, I came away with a few things:



1. Escorts like for their clients to be clients.


2. Escorts do not mind being friends with a client as long as the client is fully cognizant of the nature of the relationship.


3. Escorts have a problem with clients falling in love with them and/or expecting more from the 'relationship' than is really there.


4. Sometimes escorts do not like their clients.



And this is bad because???????


I am not sure what Billyboy thought he was doing in reposting this, but I found nothing wrong with or offensive in these posts. These are legitimate concerns and feelings.


In fact, the most offensive thing I found about all this was the betrayal of confidence Billyboy engaged in my violating the sanctity of the private escort forum.


Did I miss Billyboy's point or is he truly off his rocker?

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