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Vegasboy Dave

Guest shadow
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Guest shadow

Nothing like starting your day by watching free movies of Vegas Boy playing with himself in bad and in the shower. Yum! Whoever posted his review, thanks for the link to his website.

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Guest Croix

Hmmm. I chatted with him on his cam several times over as many months, and never realised he was an escort ... call me slow on the uptake. He seems like a nice guy. And, when I saw his first review / pic, I was about to say yes to a friend who has been hounding me to go to Vegas. I thought meeting up with Dave might be a great catalyst to get me flying.


But then came the second review (much like the first), a new (albeit better)pic and his website saying that his rate is up from $150 to $250 effective May 9, 2001. I don't think he got $1.50+ per minute nicer in just a couple weeks. As much as I hate to think it, I can't shake the idea that he (like a number of others, it seems)has discovered this site, and just decided to play to an audience of 1000+ to shake the silly john's for as much as he can as fast as possible.

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Guest trekker

I noticed the same thing. 2 reviews, very new 4/30 and 5/10, and the minimum 10 days apart, sounding very much like self-written ads, and wham! the rate goes from 150 to 250. Isn't it wonderful, what exposure on this site can do in such a short time? There have been some other ones too, but at least they have the modesty to wait a couple of months and then go up in stages, 25 or so at a time over several more months.

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Okay guys,


I just saw the new pic of Vegas Boy Dave and here we go again has anyone known here been with Dave.


I would really like to hire this guy based on what I see but I can't seem to get past the reviews which happen to be from newbies which is okay but with this guys looks someone known to this site had to of hired him by now. I have had some real losers in Vegas and I just wanted to clear this one up.


Let me know is this the real deal or a true steal?



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Guest JustANametoPlay

I was just noticing the reviews this AM. As I always say you have to read the reviews with some skepticism. The red flags are up because all the reviews happened in a very short time span, and they are all by first time posters (first time even in the sense that I have never seen posts from them on the boards).


Now this does not mean they aren't real, or even possibly if they were written by friends of his they aren't accurate. Just as I say it makes bells go off.

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Yes, we should read the reviews with a grain of salt. And not just on a single escort. Newcomers should read MANY reviews to get a "feel" for the place.


But, as HooBoy told me in a private discussion, it's getting harder and harder for a first time reviewer to get a review posted because of all the general skepticism here. There's a fine line you walk when you automatically mistrust a first time poster, and severely limit the pool of available posters.


I, myself, blew the whistle on a recent review of one of my regulars. It had nothing to do with a first-time poster, although it did happen to be one. The review described a VERY specific scenario. I have no doubt the escort would do the scene because he's repeatedly asked me to do it just to get it reviewed. I find it suspect that the escort's exact fantasy would be requested by a client.


HooBoy has been unable to verify the review so it has been removed.


We have a pretty good system here, but we do have to "read smart". Just don't automatically mistrust first time reviewers.

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I do tend to discount first time posters, but not always.

If a first time poster does a good review over someone I want

an excuse to try out, I'll heed them.


But a lot depends on how you use the this site. I've been using

the site for 2 years. I've gotten a feeling for posters of

who likes what I like and looks for what I look for. Thus I

tend to search for posters for a new escort. I see just like

reading movie reviews of a reviewer you like before deciding

what flick to see.


How do we get more reviewers? We welcome them and ask them

for more. They give more reviews and we see their track records.

In a way reviewers are volunteers. You have to treat volunteers

well to come back.

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Guest JustANametoPlay

Let me clarify my comment. I am not saying that just become someone is a new reviewer they shouldln't be made welcome, or that the review has no validity. I think what bothers me about Daves is the fact that there are three so close together, and all first timers.


The fact also is that sometimes escorts don't know about the site. The first escort I hired recently didn't, and when I told him about it he gave me the OK to post about him. Now he lists the link to his review in his page. So that can also happen.


I am also sure that some escorts for whatever reason don't want to be listed here. I know if I was one I would have to thinkabout after seeing some of the negativity that is started (and this is no fault of Hoo boys, on any message baord tehe will be folks that like to stir things up).

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I'll be in a position to write a review early next week. My favorite San Francisco escort has engaged Dave for a 3-way in Las Vegas on Sunday. I deliberately stayed out of the "selection" process as I wanted to make sure that there is plenty of "chemistry" between the escorts.


My guy from SFO has been in the business for a long time. I don't think he'd be likely to pick a flake or phony.


Dave has an extensive presence on the web including livecam shows. His site is also linked to Badpuppy and he's one of their "contributors."


It seems that Dave recently changed his focus from making money via the website to concentrating more on his escort work. It's quite possible that he wasn't aware of this site until recently.


I'll let you know what I find out as soon as I get back from Vegas.

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Please post something in the message center about his performance so I can have it ASAP since the reviews take a few days to post.


Thanks Again Los Gaten.


Muchas Gracias para todo!

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Guest TheOriginalMessage



>I'll be in a position to

>write a review early next

>week. My favorite San

>Francisco escort has engaged Dave

>for a 3-way in Las

>Vegas on Sunday. I

>deliberately stayed out of the

>"selection" process as I wanted

>to make sure that there

>is plenty of "chemistry" between

>the escorts.

>I'll let you know what I

>find out as soon as

>I get back from Vegas.



This is nice to read (sort of). As I have wanted to hire Dave though have some major concerns about his current reviews.


Now I might be getting too paranoid yet if Dave read's these boards and notices your post he might make favorable adjustments knowing that you are going to write a review.


It is easy to gie one a different impression if that personn has advance warning :(

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Whether or not Dave reads this board, you can easily take advantage of the "M4M" effect yourself.


If you decide to set up an appointment, simply mention that you discovered him through this site. He'll assume that you'll also post a review.


Many, many escorts have commented on the fact that referrals from this site are generally very good clients. And most want to maintain a good reputation here.

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Estimado DVS,


If we were still using our old rating system here, I would grade my experience with Dave as A+++. He was very business-like in setting up our arrangements, arrived right on the “dot,” and had absolutely no trouble fitting into the rather unconventional scene we had planned.


As I’ve mentioned above, this was my first 3-way with escorts. For the past year, I’ve been enjoying a wonderful relationship with Adam of San Francisco. And, when it came time to plan this trip to Vegas, I found myself fantasizing about how hot it would be to watch Adam really get into it with another escort of his choice.


Adam and Dave hit it off immediately. The session started off with just the two of them doing just about everything you’d see in a porn movie including some very passionate kissing. About midway through, they invited me to join them and Dave was very generous in attending to my needs – it wasn’t long before the three of us were lying contentedly in each other’s arms.


Afterwards, Dave spent another half-hour or so chatting with us and was very friendly and charming. It was very funny to watch the interaction between Adam (who has a Polish accent) and Dave with his thick southern drawl. I finally ended the session by saying that I wanted to get cleaned up and lose a few more bucks down in the casino.


I decided not to spoil the afterglow of this experience by quizzing Dave on the veracity of his early reviews here. By then, that was certainly no longer an issue for me. His performance spoke for itself.


I’ll post a full review as soon as I can get to it.

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Way to go Los Gaten!


Thanks for the response! I will most likely being giving Dave a try very soon. As soon as my travel agent can handle and Dave too! I too will most likely be bring my own favorite escort for a hot time. This will be my 1st as well.



Appreciate all your help! :-)

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