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fun things to talk about in a message center.

1) sex

2) bums

3) exagerated dick sizes

4) your crazy neighbors

5) the hot guy on some tv show

6) the best lube you've found

7) sex

8) hairy or smooth, what is your preference

9) Rick Monroe, how hot is that!! woof

10) who you gonna see on your holidays?


things that are no fun on a message center

1) airing your dirty laundry (unless it's your undies)

2) allowing everyone into your manic chemically inbalanced mind

3) playground shoving matches (or my dick is bigger than yours)

4) hurling feces at each other

5) politics

6) religion

7) economics

8) women

9) physics

10) everything in the past few days that has been posted


Matt(likes things light and fluffy) not that anyone asked.



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Guest BeercanThick

Ok, so here's a fun topic, although its slightly embarassing.


I was watching my daily dose of Designing Women this evening after work (gotsa have my sugarbakers!) and it was the episode where Julia's son Payne brings home his girlfriend who is like 600 years old and actually not very attractive so I don't see the attraction.

But i digress,

Payne is up in his mothers room talking to his mom about the situation and stands up.

he is wearing grey sweats.

Boys, I am telling you this kid is hung. His sugarbaker was sticking straight out and he kept flaunting it all around.


Talk about southern delights.


Am i a perv?

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Welcome back Matt,


I am truly sorry I could not stay longer in Las Vegas so I could have met you.


I like your list and I would elevate you to admin status, however, I am afraid that you might have some hidden paranoid agenda and would eventually start posting people's IP addresses, email them, log on as different people and carry on conversations with yourself in a vain attempt to discredit me and twinks that you feel are your rivals and are out to get you -- or in the venacular - TRASH you and make your year a living hell.


Well, MR. MAN I say no more wire hangers for you!!!! I'm not going to let you fuck with me Mister!.


<hello Hooboy.....HooBoy....wake up you dick!>


Oops, sorry Matt, I was having a bad dream. I thought I had been betrayed by a friend, but it was just a passing nightmare..


Let's get together and get nasty.





Email: HooBoy@male4malescorts.com

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Guest AllAmerEscrt

Wait, I would love just being able to sit in the corner of the room so I could watch? I will be quiet, I promise. Come on, please? Dammit, I'll even pay to watch.


Would you give discounts for "brown-nosing Hookers" ?




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>Wait, I would love just being

>able to sit in the

>corner of the room so

>I could watch? I

>will be quiet, I promise.

>Come on, please? Dammit,

>I'll even pay to watch.


LOL! Maybe we can talk them into doing it on a web cam! }>

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Matt(...light and fluffy)


Definitely not the Matt I know... (but I did wonder about that red strapless, mid thigh length, PVC 'body tube' and matching high heels) :-)

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Guest trekker

Someplace (maybe it was on Martha Stewart?) I heard that tattoo ink can be dissolved by rubbing in large amounts of cum. Anybody know if that works? I'll volunteer to try it out on Matt to see if it works.... ;-)

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Guest Kevin 2

Matt, Where can you buy Eros on the internet. I have heard it is the best lube but have been unable to find where to buy it. If you know of a website please post for the rest of us who like it slick and not sticky :)

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Guest EvilSwine

Yeah! And since Hooboy doesn't want to be known because of his covert hiring of escorts, he can be totally nude except for a mask over his eyes and a pair of black socks....

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Guest blankman

OK, I can't resist bringing this up any longer if we are going to talk about lube.


Once upon a time I was a dévoté of Probe. I used so much of it I thought I should order it by the cask. But then, circa 1991 I think, it CHANGED. It went from being nice and slippery to being icky-sticky. My world collapsed; nothing has been quite right since...


Did anyone else have this experience or did I dream it?

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