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Advice for Hornypony and others yung&fullofcum

marc anthony
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Now that Danny Damon has been driven into retail and his ex-pimp Asnboytoy has been vaporized, and Kyle Matthews and Anthony Hollaway have entered the Federal Escort Protection Program and have new names and identities, and Sean and Casey have gotten their semi-annual spanking with a few extra swats for Cody this time (although what I really want to do is go to Chicago to spank Luke :) hehe), there is really nothing else for the message board's VPs (vigilante police) to do but go after you!


If you haven't noticed by now, most of the "regulars" on this board are highly educated, opinionated, and VERY suspicious people. That stands to reason. People who would use such a site and bother to be active on its message board are likely to be opionated, educated, suspicious people. You really shouldn't take it personally that they are suspcious of you. Heck, I am suspicious of my own shadow... that's why I use this site before I embark on any activity that is socially taboo to the mainstream.


Bottom line... the kiss of death is taking small amounts of criticism and becoming vindictive, petty, and defensive about it. If that is your personality, so be it... but shelf life of an escort who can't control that is quite short! Remember it is the customers who are reading this (along with your competition). Imagine a retail store reacting to public criticism about its custumer service responding by saying, " Yeah, well you're an asshole too... why don't you go shop somewhere else. We got lots of customers!" Usually the successful store will issue a press release, "We apologize for the bad experience this customer had. Our policy is to provide excellent service, and we will continue to do so to the best of our ability."


So HP... you seem to be a good young guy with lots of enthusiasm and an eager, inquisitive mind... if you have learned anything from this message board for your soon-to-be-undertaking, learn that! LOL

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Guest blankman

Now, now, Rick. We all know you graduated with honors from, what was it again ... Miss Porter's followed by Bryn Mawr? How else could you become so well-mannered?? ;-)

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Guest JustANametoPlay

I've said it time and time again. A bad review here or there is not goin to convince me not to use an escort as much as a response from him that is over the top.


The fact remains, and this may be a shock for some, guys who escort are <gasp> human. We all have our off moments (yes even me). I used to manage a call center and one of the biggest things I would try to get across to the phone reps was EMPATHY. I can't tell you how many times when talking to an angry customer a simple "I am sorry about that let me see what we can do to fix for you" brought everything back down to a calmer level. There were many times when I couldn't resolve the situation to the customers needs (at times because the customer expectations were simply to high) but even in those cases the customer appreciated being spoken to calmly and politely.


And BTW I am highly educated (JD) but that doesn't mean I am smart. Some of the dumbest people I know Imet in law school, and if they didn't have really big penises I would never talk to them again! ;-)

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

>Speak for yourself...I've said it before;

>I'm just a dumb whore.



I can attest to that. Rick Munroe's the Johnny Belinda of the prostitute world.

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