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Escorts and Web Pages

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Hi guys,


I've come across an interesting dilemma. Over the past few years as I have escorted, I have been adding more and more information on my web page, literally hundreds of pages of pictures and other information. However, as of last month I have been having bandwidth problems. In other words, more and more pictures and thereby people checking them out is costing much more for my web page. My business clientele is pretty much the same amount, so I am considering trimming down my web site. After all, I don't want people to just j-o to my pics, but to hire me. If I am not getting a great deal more of business, then this indicates that something is wrong. So my question is should I cut down on the pics and other sections or what? I'm a bit confused because I always thought that the more a client could learn about an escort, the better it would be in terms of that client hiring that escort.


Then there are other escorts that hardly have web pages and also those that do not. Forget the ones that hang around only in AOL chatrooms or the like. Forget the ones from the street. Considering other escorts with web pages, should I seek to follow their example and trim down my web page or does providing a lot of information actually benefit me in other ways that I don't even realize.


Signed - A Confused Eric Magyar


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Guest HornyPony

hey eric .

being a webmaster myself i hear you ...

who provides your server ? I am not sure what bandwith u r talking about but usually it's a lot cheaper if u upgrade your server package , so that u don't have to pay per bytes transfered but rather just get an upgrade on your package -which will include more bandwith .


also - a lot of times providers calculate bandwith in regards to how much "information" was transfered from your stie to the users computers - that is how many pictures ppl download etc ...

if that's the case u should look into codes that malfunction the "right click option" of the mouse -that way ppl cannot directly downlaod your pics - they can do it on other ways which most ppl don't know and usually are not patient enough to mess with .


lastly - look for sponsers - if u got a lot of traffic u can make some money with different sponsership programs - this can help u cover the pay of all of this web-site thingie ...







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Eric... I use the services of escorts on a regular basis. First I want to give you some feedback on your site. Note: this isn't personal just one person's opinion.


The obvious answer to your bandwidth problem are all of the pics and graphics. Personally I feel that you have too many photos of yourself. Also, I could do without the java intro. It really added nothing to my experience visiting your site. Also, your site is very busy looking. While I know you're an escort my eyes are wondering at all the other good looking guys on the index page.


So as a client here is what I like to see on any escorts web site. The more information about the escort the better. I like to know stats, preferences, rates, updated calendar and some odds and ends about himself. I want to see at between 4 and 7 pics at least two nude. If I cannot figure out if the escort has the look I desire in the 4 to 7 pics I ahve a problem. Lastly if an escort is selling personal itens or videos that is also a plus to see with a few samples.


A few escort sites that I feel more or less capture what I look for are http://stephanlacoste.com http://seanandcasey.com http://cockserver.com and one that is under construction yet I like the clean design is http://bradyescort.com


I select esocrts based on many factors. Though a web site these days is a huge plus. I have actually gone with someone who has a site over someone who had a facelink page (as an example of the importance to me).


Good luck with whatever you determine to do with your site's traffic problems.

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I just checked out your web site. I haven't been there for a while and had forgotten just how much information and how many images that you provide. It's a great site, but here's a few suggestions on how to improve it.


On the page where you discuss your sexual interests there's a series of photos that are in constant motion -- you can't really tell whats in the pictures and the constant swirling moton made me dizzy. IMHO, the site would actually be improved if you eliminated those photos. Also, I had cookies turned off which meant that my security settings prevented me from accessing certain pages. I didn't change my settings so I don't know what's on those pages. I also don't feel like I've missed anything so you could probably eliminate those pages as well. (Try accessing the site with cookies turned off and your security settings on high and you'll be able to figure out what pages I'm talking about.)


Like I said, its a great site. It just needs a little tweeking. Good luck with it.



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I echo what Justice just wrote. I have always enjoyed your site, and while living in Europe, often comtemplated a trip to Budapest just to meet you. I have watched your site grow and develop over the years and - while I like much of it a LOT - it IS becoming a bit too busy and dizzying.


Aside from some of the comments above... one question I have always had concerns the special 7-day package in Hungary... any way of getting an idea of "who" the escorts one would meet are? Are YOU included in the package? How does it actually work? I suppose you offer these details once someone makes an initial investment of the downpayment for the trip. Also... how does one work it if he is flying in from another European capital?


This said, I enjoy your site immensely, and still hope one day to take the plunge and call you... except I like versatile :-(

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Guest Jason Coxx

Hi Eric,


How much bandwidth are you using each month? I run my own website and have found that if I compress my photos they take up a lot less bandwidth. Another thing that I do is to rename my photos every month or two. This limits the number of people who are linking directly to your pictures. I also do all my hosting though my own web design company (http://www.rainbowwebdesign.net) I can host your site for less then $350 a year which includes 200 MB of disk space and 20,000 MB of traffic/month ($0.05/MB thereafter). I also have other packages available if this package does not meet your bandwidth requirements.


Jason Coxx



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Hi guys,


I want to thank you all for your comments on my web site. I will take them to heart and begin to re-edit my site. I agree with you that some of those graphics are bandwidth intensive and I should remove them. Although they are neat, they don't exactly fit.


I'll also move the pics of the actors in my films (the ones below my first section of the contents page) to a separate page. Thus, if someone is interested in purchasing one of my videos, he can check that out separately in the videos section.


I was surprised that so many of you agreed that I had too many pictures. However, I understand your comments and will remove some of them. I noted that most people check out the Gallery Sections first...so I'll keep those pages updated through different formats. Thanks again.






P.S. Give me a week to make most of the changes. I just moved to Central Jersey, so I'm still settling in.

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Guest EvilSwine

Well...you don't HAVE to remove pictures. I use Ulead's Smartsaver program to reduce my pics with little loss of quality. It's not expensive. Also the suggestion was made about keeping your pics safe from hotlinking where someone posts links on newsgroups, chats, etc.. You should ask your hosting provider about an anti-hotlinking script or use the suggestion someone else posted about changing names of pics, except just put them all in the same directory and change the name of the directory from time to time.


Some escorts also use sponsors and AVS(adult verification services) for parts of their sites. You might want to look into these as a way to make money on the site in addition to it's promotional value. You should at least be able to make enough to pay for your hosting if you did this. Ask Bryan Young or one of the other guys who does AVS...heh heh..Bryan's his own little content machine. There are a lot of things you can do to turn your site into a moneymaker to help tide you over through the slow times. :)

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