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Kyle Matthews venting on March 5

CT Dick
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That was quite a strong statement in today's reviews.


I used the search to find all of bostonhung's other reviews. (Including Jonners in Denver - what a cutie!) They were ALL positive.


It make one wonder why a client would have five good experiences and only one bad one.


On the other hand, Kyle has four good reviews (one with a challenge about his oral activities) and only one bad one.


Where does the truth lie?

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The truth is in the eye of the beholder. It's when thing when we can spot the phony reviews a mile away (ex: Anthony Holloway) Personally, I take the occasional bad review with a grain of salt. It could be fake, it could be real (maybe the escort had a bad day or the client was a jerk), but I would not let one bad review influence me either way. What does influence me though, is the way the escort responds to a bad review. We've seen several good escorts (A. Gabriel comes to mind) who have received one bad review, yet the professionalism with which he responded to it makes it the exception rather than the rule. Kyle, however, acted rudely, unprofessionally and childishly. He was way out of line. He owes Hooboy an apology.

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Guest Traveler

Although there are often plenty of clues, ultimately there is no way to tell whether a review was placed by the escort himself, one of his friends, or by another jealous escort. You certainly can't go by the number of entries. There was an escort here in San Francisco who put on so many of his positive reviews, that it took me several months for my one genuine review to get posted, and at that point the gig was up.

Another good example is Colin Jennings (SF), except that he only put up one or two positive reviews. When the subsequent negative reviews came in, he basically ignored this site as a place to snare unsuspecting clients, since he knew that he had been exposed. Now he just puts an ad up in the BAR every once in a while when he wants to catch someone, although it suprises me he can even make enough money to cover the occasional ad without any repeat clients.

The one piece of information you can be pretty sure about, though, is who writes the responses. I would therefore place heavy weight on what the escort writes in his responses. Kyle may be an all right escort, but it's obvious he lacks maturity and effective coping mechanisms to deal with adversity.

An escort doesn't have to me mature and intelligent to be effective (it's not exactly a profession of nobel laureates). However, some escorts just go into the profession because their behavior would not be tolerated in most workplaces, and they can be their own boss without having any skills. These are usually not the great escorts.

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for those who remember SEAN-WORLD ESCORT and his response to my review that he was not a good escort i would rehire, he was a case of an escort who self-destructed on this board; not just from one post, but repeated posts. every time he wrote something, it just got worse and worse. he completely unmasked himself and the real sean was frightening. it was the best case of an escort letting everyone know what he was about.


by the same token, a great escort like matt in vancouver through his posts has shown himself an escort that i would want to hire (tried once on his trip to dallas but our schedules could not match). i agree that there is no better indication of an escort than his behavior on this board and others like muscle service station. the posts show an escort's maturity, intelligence and personality; to me, all of this is more important than looks and dick size. a very perfect physical man like kirk/voltaire will always come in second (to me) to an escort that knows how to treat me well but does not have kirk's physical perfection.


any business person knows he has to control himself infront of customers. he may not feel it fair, but responses always need to be measured.

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Guest KyleMathews

Very good question raised by this person who took the time to examine all the information without criticizing anyone. What is the truth. What is the lie. Well, the HooBoy policy is "Truth in reporting" I think it's fair, in all honesty, to say that there is no way for HooBoy to guarantee that there is any truth in reporting, considering that he has no possible way of knowing what the "truth" is considering that he is not capable of validating any of the information sent to him via escort of client. So, I think he should change his motto to "Opinion in reporting that cannot possibly be substantiated by any fact." Just a thought. Sincerely, Kyle Mathews

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Guest KyleMathews

>Although there are often plenty of

>clues, ultimately there is no

>way to tell whether a

>review was placed by the

>escort himself, one of his

>friends, or by another jealous

>escort. You certainly can't

>go by the number of

>entries. There was an

>escort here in San Francisco

>who put on so many

>of his positive reviews, that

>it took me several months

>for my one genuine review

>to get posted, and at

>that point the gig was


>Another good example is Colin Jennings

>(SF), except that he only

>put up one or two

>positive reviews. When the

>subsequent negative reviews came in,

>he basically ignored this site

>as a place to snare

>unsuspecting clients, since he knew

>that he had been exposed.

> Now he just puts

>an ad up in the

>BAR every once in a

>while when he wants to

>catch someone, although it suprises

>me he can even make

>enough money to cover the

>occasional ad without any repeat


>The one piece of information you

>can be pretty sure about,

>though, is who writes the

>responses. I would therefore

>place heavy weight on what

>the escort writes in his

>responses. Kyle may be

>an all right escort, but

>it's obvious he lacks maturity

>and effective coping mechanisms to

>deal with adversity.

>An escort doesn't have to me

>mature and intelligent to be

>effective (it's not exactly a

>profession of nobel laureates).

>However, some escorts just go

>into the profession because their

>behavior would not be tolerated

>in most workplaces, and they

>can be their own boss

>without having any skills.

>These are usually not the

>great escorts.


This writer has some very valid points. However, I dissagree with several points made here. There is a difference between a lack of maturity and the right to be angry because you have been unfairly represented. I can easily deal with adversity. I stand up for what I believe to be right and I have held very successful positions in "regular jobs" in which I managed staff and dealt with customer complaints. I spent a number of years in the hospitality/customer service industry. I am well versed in dealing with the public. Being my own boss was one aspect of escorting that appealed to me. Who wouldn't want to be their own boss. After all, I make my own hours, select my own clientelle, and set my fees. Furthermore, I can choose to work when and where I want for the most part, and it allows more time at home, which I find to be the most beneficial aspect of this choice of careers. The statement about escorting not being a profession of nobel laureates leads me to question what this particular person is even doing on this site,if indeed that is his opinion of the profession. There is a big difference between making a statement on your own behalf when a legitimate request has been unanswered personally, yet published publically, as was the case with my initial e mail to HooBoy requesting that all info regarding myself be removed from his site for legitimate reasons. I felt, and still feel, that my response to his lack of professionalism, his publicising unfounded information as well as my home phone number on his site justify my reaction and resentment toward a man who will gladly publish pictures of escorts yet will not show his face anywhere on his own site. Apparently, he is well aware that there is good reason to remain anonymous. I, however am walking naked through the entire internet without concern for who sees my image, as long as I maintain control over the image that I produced, and promote and that I have the right to profit from. So, whereas, he may have a legal right to publish anything he wants about me on his site, he certainly doesn't have any ethics, as has been demonstrated, not only by his response to my letters, but his lack of personal response to me. Therefore, apology withheld on the grounds that I refuse to kiss any Hoo ass in Hooville in order to further my escorting career. Atleast I had the balls to confront him head on. Let's not forget that he published my e mail for everyone to judge, not I. Otherwise, you wouldn't have even been aware of this conflict that has escalated to this point. Furthermore, I have recieved far more e mails from clients and escorts alike who completely agree with me on this matter. The strongest point I intended to make about this situation is that my home phone number was published during an unfair and dishonest review by a client who clearly held a grudge for being asked to pay a pre arranged fee. So, my question to all those who appose the wording of my last letter to him, and consider me to be immature for using the wording I chose is: How would you like your home number published on a site of this nature, and how would you respond to such an error by a person with a clear track record of making mistakes? For my opinions regarding HooBoy and his site in general, and further proof that my opinion of his service is justified, simply visit the main page of my site http://www.TopMaleEscort.com and click his banner at the bottom of my page. There you will find all the evidence you need to see that I had every right to respond to him with the same disrespect that he has shown me. Furthermore, I am 100% top and many of my clients enjoy being dominated in one form or another. If you think that this controversy that HooBoy has made public in this forum has adversely affected my number of inquiries, you are way off base. In fact, I have never had so many hits from his site in the history of my escorting career, which is only fair considering how many people have linked to his site for the purpose of reading about me. I am not a bitter person, and my site explains my views very clearly. Anyone with any amount of self respect would not take this type of image defamation lying down. I am strong and have faced far more adversity than this. If you are against me because I have an opinion that differs from yours, you have every right, but insulting my integrity for speaking my mind in this matter is even less mature than my response to hooboy may be perceived,and since only I have to live with myself... Ultimately, I am the only one whose opinion really matters to me, because I am a consenting adult capable of making my own business decisions. I do not regret what I said and there will be no apology! Sincerely, Kyle Mathews

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Guest KyleMathews

>for those who remember SEAN-WORLD ESCORT

>and his response to my

>review that he was not

>a good escort i would

>rehire, he was a case

>of an escort who self-destructed

>on this board; not just

>from one post, but repeated

>posts. every time he wrote

>something, it just got worse

>and worse. he completely unmasked

>himself and the real sean

>was frightening. it was the

>best case of an escort

>letting everyone know what he

>was about.


>by the same token, a great

>escort like matt in vancouver

>through his posts has shown

>himself an escort that i

>would want to hire (tried

>once on his trip to

>dallas but our schedules could

>not match). i agree that

>there is no better indication

>of an escort than his

>behavior on this board and

>others like muscle service station.

>the posts show an escort's

>maturity, intelligence and personality; to

>me, all of this is

>more important than looks and

>dick size. a very perfect

>physical man like kirk/voltaire will

>always come in second (to

>me) to an escort that

>knows how to treat me

>well but does not have

>kirk's physical perfection.


>any business person knows he has

>to control himself infront of

>customers. he may not feel

>it fair, but responses always

>need to be measured.


I appreciate this writer's point of view, and feel that it was very well written and couldn't agree more with one particular statement he made.

a very perfect

>physical man like kirk/voltaire will

>always come in second (to

>me) to an escort that

>knows how to treat me

>well but does not have

>kirk's physical perfection.


However, please be aware that the response an escort sends to HooBoy does not always reflect the manner in which he will treat you, a fair client. You are not HooBoy. You are a completely different person and how I would respond to you or any other client is no more of a reflection of how I would treat HooBoy or anyone else. Escorts deal with everybody on an individual basis. Not everybody treats people the way that HooBoy treated me. Not every client treats me the way that the guy from Boston treated me. I give what I get, nothing more, nothing less. However, it is often mistakenly perceived that a negative response to HooBoy, or a client will automatically generate the same response to other individuals. I am a professional escort. I deal with everyone I meet in a way that reflects how they treat me as a person. When I am belittled, I return the favor. When I am respected I return that respect. Conflict with me is very rare, as I have a long fuse, believe it or not. But I am a most worthy adversary when it comes to anyone adversely affecting my career of choice, and HooBoy is no exception to that rule. I respect your opinion, and appreciate the fact that you did not insult my integrity as others have. HooBoy is not the "end all"in the escort realm. My confrontation with him will not end Kyle Mathews. If anything, it will only achieve the reputation that I will not be screwed over by HooBoy, but by any client as well, and it is in my opinion that confronting him was a wise decision made in my own best interest, even if I did so in the aggressive manner which was motivated by his further lack of personal response and attention to my request. Sincerely, Kyle

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Guest Traveler

>Very good question raised by this

>person who took the time

>to examine all the information

>without criticizing anyone. What

>is the truth. What

>is the lie. Well,

>the HooBoy policy is "Truth

>in reporting" I think

>it's fair, in all honesty,

>to say that there is

>no way for HooBoy to

>guarantee that there is any

>truth in reporting, considering that

>he has no possible way

>of knowing what the "truth"

>is considering that he is

>not capable of validating any

>of the information sent to

>him via escort of client.

> So, I think he

>should change his motto to

>"Opinion in reporting that cannot

>possibly be substantiated by any

>fact." Just a thought.

> Sincerely, Kyle Mathews


I would have to agree that this site is so full of fake reviews that the motto "Let the reader beware" would be more appropriate than "Honest in our reporting," although I think the "Honest is our reporting" is more of a plea than a statement of fact. I think that his posting your home phone number, if not published, was a mistake. If HooBoy hasn't apologized for it, he should (I think he did apologize though). He does give the escort the last word, though, so you could have just responded to any inaccuracies in your review(s). Attacking him didn't help you any, although I'm glad your business is busier than ever. Since you're busier than ever, maybe you should just be happy and forget about this site.

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Guest KyleMathews

I do not ever recall an apology from HooBoy about anything, although he himself did say that he thought the reviewer to be as asshole, and you will just have to take my word for it. If he needs to apologise to anyone, it's the people who visit his site with the notion that there is any truth to be told in the section in which he clearly has no ability to clarify statements made about escorts or clients. He gives all escorts the last word. It is 1:20 am in Chicago, and I was completely unaware of this thread until a client brought it to my attention. I won't forget about this site until my request has been fulfilled and he has illiminated all reviews from the section marked Kyle Mathews. I will make the time to respond to those with legitimate inquiries, or innacurate statements regarding this matter in an effort to clear my name, which is not an unreasonable approach to the situation in my opinion. I make time to respond to all e mails, instant messages, as well as work out 2 hours a day 5 days a week, compose my music, maintain my own web site and publicize my return to the porn industry, why shouldn't I find the time to reply to potentially negative and false or misrepresented statements about me? Kyle

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> I will make the

>time to respond to those

>with legitimate inquiries, or innacurate

>statements regarding this matter in

>an effort to clear my

>name, which is not an

>unreasonable approach to the situation

>in my opinion. I

>make time to respond to

>all e mails, instant messages,

>as well as work out

>2 hours a day 5

>days a week, compose my

>music, maintain my own web

>site and publicize my return

>to the porn industry, why

>shouldn't I find the time

>to reply to potentially negative

>and false or misrepresented statements

>about me? Kyle



I don't think anyone would argue the point that you should indeed refute any negative and or misrepresentative statements. The point you seem to be missing is that the way you handled it was immature and childish. You could have done it professionally and with a little class which would have been much more effective, but instead you choice to call Hooboy a "fucking rice picking piece of shit" (now, not knowing Hooboy's ancestry, a reader could even assume some sort of racial slur here if Hooboy is Asian which would REALLY be wrong...)

You spoke of a "right" to be angry (there is no such "right")and I can understand why you WOULD be angry over the review. You made the choice of how to take out that anger. It was the wrong choice no matter how you spin it and you made yourself look far worse than any negative review could have done.

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Guest bottomboykk

I agree Beware. As has been said, the manner in which an escort responds to a negative review says so much about him. Many negative reviews have been completely negated by the great manner in which the escort responded. And many of the reviews have been, in essence, confirmed by the nasty and/or immature responses by the escorts. Kyle's is a case in point. Anybody who'd hire Kyle now needs to get his head examined, not because of the negative review, but because of his responses on this site. He has demonstrated that he is a total jerk.


Also: Kyle, learn some grammar (particularly how to create paragraphs) and spelling! That contributes to how poorly you come across here!

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Guest KyleMathews

>I agree Beware. As has been

>said, the manner in which

>an escort responds to a

>negative review says so much

>about him. Many negative reviews

>have been completely negated by

>the great manner in which

>the escort responded. And many

>of the reviews have been,

>in essence, confirmed by the

>nasty and/or immature responses by

>the escorts. Kyle's is a

>case in point. Anybody who'd

>hire Kyle now needs to

>get his head examined, not

>because of the negative review,

>but because of his responses

>on this site. He has

>demonstrated that he is a

>total jerk.


>Also: Kyle, learn some grammar (particularly

>how to create paragraphs) and

>spelling! That contributes to how

>poorly you come across here!



Now, see, this is a perfect example of selective listening! This person doesn't know anything about me aside from what he has read here, and apparently he must not have taken as much time to understand what I have said as he has correcting my grammar. However, he contradicts himself by responding with the same anymosity (did I misspell that?), with which I wrote my letter to WhoPuss. Ain't that calling the kettle black, and no that's not a racist remark.



Furthermore, (Note the new paragraph here), I resent that remark about my clients needing their heads examined. Although I am sure that your opinion of them means about as much as it does to me considering the bitter, nosy source from which it came. You are the perfect example of the type of client I wouldn't meet for any amount of money. Now, go back to your day job at the Hooville elementary school and get yer head outta my ass! Kyle


P.S. Rather than take up more valuable web space on this poor man's site, I will respond to the prior message as well. I do not know, nor am I assuming Hooboy has a nationality of any kind, considering that I've never seen his face. By rice picker, I meant a person who lives in poverty and is trying to obtain success at this point in his life. Nothing racial about that. Perhaps the best phrase would have been bottom feeder. I apologize to anyone of Asian decent who may have taken that statement to be a racial slur.

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LAST EDITED ON Mar-07-01 AT 06:36PM (EST)[p]Because your anger seemed to be due to your home phone number being published in the review, I went back to check out your response to Boston Hung's review. I was expecting to read that Boston Hung obtained your home phone number by some devious means, however, you state "He initially contacted me via e mail and acted like he was infatuated with me. I gave him my pager number and after he called me several times, he asked for my home number, which I gave him. He called me at home many times before actually meeting."


It seems to me you breached your own security....

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Guest KyleMathews


>AT 06:36 PM (EST)


>Because your anger seemed to be

>due to your home phone

>number being published in the

>review, I went back to

>check out your response to

>Boston Hung's review. I was

>expecting to read that Boston

>Hung obtained your home phone

>number by some devious means,

>however, you state "He initially

>contacted me via e mail

>and acted like he was

>infatuated with me. I gave

>him my pager number and

>after he called me several

>times, he asked for my

>home number, which I gave

>him. He called me at

>home many times before actually



>It seems to me you breached

>your own security....


Gee, let me sucker you into giving me your number by acting infatuated with you. Then I can write a hidious lie that will be published about you on this infamously rediculous site for all potential clients to see and then add it to the review that would be posted without your knowledge or verification for accuracy. Then perhaps, I should question your response when the shoe is on the other foot.

Come on! Is this Hooboy writing all this under different screen names or what?

Am I to believe that everyone who visits this site is gullable enough to feel that I asked for any of this? He is using me to make poor suckers donate more money to him because they feel sorry that he has been busted for the phony he is, and you are playing right into his hands.

Breached my own security? Only when I was starting out as an escort with my first review published here and actually believed that the operator of this site had any amount of integrity or professionalism?

My number passed through 2 greasy hands before it made it onto this site, okay, and it is not my fault that it got published here because I trusted a client who lead me to believe that he was as trust worthy as I am. It is not my fault for believing that the disclaimer on the front page of this site about home numbers not being published is valid.

You can scour the net, but you can bet your sweet ass that I wouldn't be an active escort if it wasn't for my ability to keep my mouth shut about my clients who treat me with the same fairness I treat them with.

I have clients from all walks of life, married, famous, and extremely wealthy, and not once have I ever compromised their need for discretion. If every client I ever had reviewed me truthfully on this site, HooPuss would have to buy up 1/2 the space on the internet to make room for them.

In my 2 year career as a professional escort, I have remained totally disease free and have delivered everything I ever promised. My site clearly indicates what I am capable of providing and it is boldly honest and revealing of who I am as a person, yet, it seems, every Hoo down in Hooville wants to come down on me because I get pissed when the same discretion I offer my fair clients is compromized by the client in question and the publisher of this very site. Anyone who doesn't agree with that much is not worthy of my companionship, and therefore can retain your opinion for someone who is perhaps desperate enough to be concerned that you might not rent his time one day. As for me, well, I believe I have said all there is to say here. I will leave you with one final thought. If you take the time to read my responses to everyone on this site, including "The Grinch himself" you will clearly see that I responded with the same attitude I was approached with, nothing more, nothing less, and I believe that is fair enough. Expect nothing less than the respect you give. So, I leave you with a few quotes from the gay Goddess herself that certainly apply here. "Respect yourself, don't repress yourself! Poor is the man whose pleasures depend, on the permission of another! I'm not your bitch! Don't lay your shit on me! And.... I'm not sorry! Absolutely no regrets!" Let's be honest, is there anyone in here who would actually let the Grinch carve the Hoobeast on Christmas day after the bastard robbed them blind the night before, had he not had the heart to give back what he had taken and apologized publicly? Sincerely, Kyle Mathews http://www.TopMaleEscort.com

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LAST EDITED ON Mar-09-01 AT 02:11AM (EST)[p]>>>>>>>>>>>I apologize to anyone of Asian decent who may have taken that statement to be a racial slur.


Now there's the bit of integrity that I was looking for.


Thank you for that. Now, if you would just take the time to really read what you said in your last post: You gave out your home phone number WILLINGLY to someone. That was a mistake on your part, not Hooboy's. When the review was submitted Hooboy had NO IDEA it was your home phone number or even that you objected to having your home phone # put out. Some escorts don't mind because they have one line for business and another for personal. When you pointed it out, Hooboy took it down. Kyle, it's time to let this go. Be the man of integrity I know you can be. Apologize and let it go.

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Kyle, as the originator of this post I must respond:


I honestly raised the original question because I wondered how to find the truth between two opposing reviews/responses.


I am afraid that your comments on this thread have turned me off. Rather than respond directly to the criticism, you have attacked HooBoy. That did not win you friends on this site.


The further you got into your defense, the more you attacked the contributors. THEY are your clients.


Kyle, I now believe that you have a temper which has gotten in your way. I know that I will never hire you and I doubt that readers of this site will either.

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Guest 7Zach

What struck me was the number of "I"s and "my"s in his posts and on his webpage; funny, the clues were there.

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