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Christopher#2 in today's review

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I recently reviewed Randy, also of Paramount Escorts, who I suspect is Christopher's older brother: except for age and height, their physical resemblance is remarkable (Randy's face is not shown clearly on the website, but I thought immediately that I recognized him, and when I checked the site again I realized that Christopher looks just like him). Randy is "bisexual", which really means that he will have sex with men for money, and I imagine that Christopher is the same. My experience with Randy sounded somewhat similar, though not so negative, since Randy was making more effort to be accommodating, probably because he is more mature at 28.


My reason for bringing this up is an issue that I raised obliquely in the review; "straight" men may have difficulty behaving appropriately in bed with gays for the same reason that they usually have difficulty having sex with women that really satisfies women: because they don't have the same feelings about the act as the person they're having sex with. It is largely a failure of empathy. If he doesn't feel a natural desire to kiss a man or to suck his cock or see him cum, then it is easy for him to assume that all the client wants is a rather mechanical act of sucking a piece of meat, the motive for which he finds unfathomable. This is especially true in a teenager who probably feels some conflict about engaging in the act at all and tries to convince himself that it is nothing but a simple commercial transaction.


I am not claiming that we should hire only gay escorts, or that a straight man can't learn to be a good escort, only that we should not be surprised when our fantasies of wonderful sex aren't realized with a man, especially an immature one, who thinks that the only important sexual organ of another man is his wallet.

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