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TOP TEN in 2000 -- RESULTS !!!!!

Guest Tampa Yankee
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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Jan-14-01 AT 11:00AM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jan-14-01 AT 10:42 AM (EST)


The results are in but first a disclaimer or two...


First, the results record the preferences of those individuals responding to the

thread TOP Ten In 2000. Thus the poll results represent a limited base and should

be weighted accordingly. Also, the criteria for Top Ten is likely to vary from

respondent to respondent so these are just a accumulation of respondents personal

preferences and no more. There was no standard applied across the board and no

attempt to seek out respondents to the poll -- those who knew of the poll and were

moved to respond did, others (probably many) did not know or did not respond. For

more complete discussion of the pros and cons of this sort of poll see Rod

Hagen's thread 'A ESCORT OF THE YEAR 2000 ? who is it'.


Second, these results represent the preferences of clients who have (for the most

part) met these and other escorts during the year. It represents the OPINION OF

THE CLIENTS and not the opinion of the escorts. If anyone wishes to take

exception to a particular result remember your difference is with the person(s)

expressing the opinion and not the escort -- so those would-be few, please lay

off the abusive emails to the escort of your ire and address them to the

opinionated client or to me if you just can't help yourself. (Those having legitimate

gripes with an escort should take them to the reviews where they belong and where

the rest of us may be apprised of the grievance.)


Third, I accumulated the results using Bill Gates' software, so any errors of

commission are either mine or his (I believe in sharing the credit). I

accumulate the results in the thread TOP TEN IN 2000. I did not count any

information submitted by escorts. I also omitted liubits contribution because it

just did not lend itself in form or content to the count (way too many notes Mr.

Mozart!!) BUT I recommend reading his submission for great content -- he surveys

practically the entire landscape (except for Best Bottom) from his perspective --

well worth reading. I accepted Traveller's extra candidates because they were

manageable in number, because he as been acclaimed (well, no one took exception)

the Escort Reviewer of the Year (which should provide a little extra status) and

finally because I did not use all of my slots and I have such great respect for

his views on these matters that I readily tender my slots to him for his use.


Also included were the candidates submitted by Nice Guy and LA90069 in posts external

to the TOP TEN in 2000 thread.




The result did not lend itself to a simple ordering of one through ten -- nine

escorts garnered votes for the top three spots and 12 more tied for the fourth

runner up; and while many escorts did not accumulate enough votes to make it to

these tiers, that does not mean they are loosers at all -- just the opposite in

fact. They had very satisified customers who considered them to be among the

best that they had met in the year 2000 -- not exactly a shabby recommendation.

For a complete ordered list of the candidates see post # 64 in TOP TEN in 2000



So... (the drum roll please)

Listed in order by tier and within tier alphabetically...


Tied for TOP (Miss Escort) in 2000...


Rick Munroe/NYC


Tied for First Runner Up (The stand-in if Miss Escort cannot complete her tour of duty)

Michael Vincenzo/Orlando

Stephan La Coste/LA



5-way for Second Runner Up (dream dates)


Gino Macuso/NYC

Jon Ramsey/Boston

Mike Conway/Toronto

Rod Hagen/LA


12-way for Third Runner Up (really hot dates)

Aaron Lawrence/New Jersey

Alec Martinez/Orlando


Brett Silvers/LA,



Matt (excellent-top)/NY

Mike Grey/LA

Reece Rothmeier/NYC



Tony Cummings/Atlanta


Clearly, all the other candidates listed in the TOP TEN IN 2000 thread are hot dates too and thus constitute a 'HOT DATE LIST' -- don't leave home without it. And remember (as Traveller taught me by example) check out some new talent and some lesser known talent... they may be next years dream dates. It's been fun... let's keep it that way :-)


An afterthought... as well as this seems to have worked out (chads and all) think I should have run the national presidential election poll. I'm just not sure that the country is ready for Matt and Rick doing incalls in the Whitehouse :-) Then there is that 'natural born' issue... just to be Kosher, Matt might have to do incalls from the State Department. ;-)

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Guest patrick

Thanks Tampa. That was quite a bit of work and provides an interesting, if skewed, poll. Polls always bug me, but this is fun and should be taken at face value. Incidentally, I had my third overnighter with Tony Cummings last week and he is looking more buff than ever. The eagerness with which he bottoms remains undiminished and we did discuss that negative review he got for "topping." He said that two days before he came to see me, he topped a "hot daddy" in Atlanta quiet successfully. He is careful now to tell clients that he is "primarily" a bottom. He wondered if I would give him another review and I said I might but I feared Hooboy wouldn't post it since I have some already under his name so this will have to do. Getting him listed in your "hot date" section was perfect!


Thanks again for doing your poll! I wish I could try every one of them!

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Thanks, Tampa Yankee, for all your efforts to put together this list. I also applaud ALL the escorts who were named by reviewers in this unofficial poll, each and everyone of them must have done something very fine and should be proud.

My only fear now is that Matt and Rick are going to become even more popular than before so that I may not get a chance to squeeze into their schedules to see them!

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Thanks for all your hard work Tampa. I can't even begin to imagine how much time and effort that this took. I hope everyone realizes that this in just an amusing look into the world of escorting and that eveyone needs to read all of the escort's reviews in order to make an informed decision about hiring someone. This was fun. Thanks again.

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Rick is very accomodating. I had to reschedule my first session with him. (I plan to see him again.) Although I didn't give him very much notice, he was fantastic about the need to reschedule. He's gotten my vote for escort of the year and I just sent in another glowing review.

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Thanks for the compliments on my contribution, Tampa Yankee! You are making me blush. I was not really aware of the poll and I take your point that my "awards chart" has "too many notes". It was so difficult to narrow down the merits list of my wonderful boys that the result does come across as excessive...Oh, just a precision: I do have a "best bottom" category. Thanks for the effort, Tampa Yankee, I appreciate it all the more because I was unable to come up with a limited list myself!! ;-) ;-)

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Thanks for compiling this list! Great job!


I don't know whether to be pleased or chagrinned that I have experience with 2 of the top four, and a 3rd scheduled for this weekend. ;-)


>> check out some new talent and some lesser known talent...

>> they may be next years dream dates


Oh, yes, very wise advice indeed.

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Well Deej,


If the 3rd of the 4 you are seeing this weekend is who I guess it might be, I just picked him up at the airport. He's safely in town and his smile is as wonderful as ever. :-) I was gonna email you but your email is disabled.


Have fun

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Guest AllAmerEscrt

I just wanted to say that, although i have been around the "escorting" world for a couple years or more, I am learning more and trying to become "better", or more professional, all the time. If the results of this poll can be identified as legitimate and fair, then I only hope that I would be on a future edition of "The Top Ten..." I think it should go without question that there is one person who deserves to be at the top of that list every year. I am speaking about Hoo Boy. I think it is incredible the time it must take to make this site run, and from a personal standpoint, he is one of the fairest and selfless people I have met. He certainly deserves the title of "Best", if not on the "Escort Top Ten", then maybe just honored in a catagorie of his own. I have been a passive participant of this site for a while now and am slowly trying to become more active. I have just now started using this Message center, and am sorry I had not taken advantage of it before. I will not ramble too much more, but since I am "new", in a sense, then there are so many things I could comment on, and hopefully will be able to in the near future. I commend all the guys on the "Top Ten" and extend best wishes for a great and prosperous 2001 to all.

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