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Guadalara Escorts?

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If you can handle some Spanish, try http://www.sergay.com.mx It seems to be the most comprehensive gay site in Mexico. Try under "guia" and then Guadalajara for bars, etc. There's an escort section, but it seems to require AdultCheck.


Have fun, it's a nice city (although I haven't been in a zillion years). Besides the usual tourist stuff, you might have a cruise through the residential areas on the northwest side of town to get an idea of how the better-off folks do! Also some glitzy shopping centers which may be cruisy. You can almost bank on the magazine/book section of any Sanborn's (and some VIP's) being cruisy, and you just may need to pop into the "caballeros" to freshen up and see what's going on, although you do need to be alert for attendants/security. But if you strike gold, you can always talk about where to go with your new friend outside.

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Guest Jayinla

Hey lucky, i used to live there, as a matter of fact, but i was a kid, there are many gay bars and places to go in Guadalajara, as a matter of fact, the city has the reputation for having the most gays in the country. ( i am sure that is up for debate) try this site

http://www.sergay.com.mx or http://www.sergay.com it is a bilingual site where it lists all of the places to go and see and do in many cities around the country of mexico. I can also go with you if you need a guide.hahaha..

have fun.


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