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Where can I find really young, boyish, but legal escort?

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Hey guys, can anyone recommend an escort to me who looks REALLY young, cute, innocent, and boyish? Any pics and web addresses would help out a lot?


I tried Steven Tygris of South Carolina, Brad of San Diego, and Toby of Philadelhpia. I think that now of them are escorting anymore.


I'm really into that tight young, smooth boy body like Steven Tygris with the very young innocent look. You know, someone who's 18, but looks like a really lean and toned 15 or 16 year old? Any advice? I'm actually in my early 20s, so maybe that is not too much of a stretch for me.


I'm open to any location in the US as long as I know where to find a pic.

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Jump on a Jet to Orlando...home of the BoyBands...


Here is a local agency that may have something suitable. A little too young and twinky for my taste [understand they are all 18 plus though.] Here in Central Florida we have a full range of entertainment facilities for all ages.




Also you can always go to Islands of Adventure at Universal, the nearby high school supplies many of the part-time employees.


Just remember..the Twink escort of Today could be the Boy Band Hunk of tomorrow, i.e. Stephan Gately of Top UK Boy Band - Boyzone.



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Get yourself up to Montreal, and go to Club Taboo. All of the boys are supposed to be 18 years old, but many look much younger. Its not my scene at all, but the club is always full, and you will have about 20 firm young things to pick from. You can even sample in the back room. and I always recommend Montreal as a great vaction or weekend getaway.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I'll check them out.


Also, I found out that TOBY, FORMERLY OF PREMIERE, IS BACK! Here is his e-mail address if anyone wants it:



Also, HooBoy, I hope you know that I'm not looking for underage escorts. I know that that is one of Aaron's FAQs. I'm looking for young, but legal.


Also folks, I look forward to anymore replies that you give.


Also HooBoy, I want to state that this is a wonderful service that you provide.



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Oh yeah, as for Mr Hagen response about Spain, it would be a big understatement for me to say that 13 is a bit young for me. Actually, under 18 is too young for me.

But, I do appreciate really your response anyway.


Also, does anyone know of any of the guys that I'm looking for that are in the New England area?



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