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Guest BigJosh
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Guest Bryan_Young

LAST EDITED ON Nov-10-00 AT 11:20PM (EST)[p]Talk to Bertram at http://michaelsboysescorts.com.

Telephone : +31.20.618.1824


I worked with Bertram for over a year while studying in Amsterdam, and can attest to his professionalism. I highly recommend Johan and/or Quincy. At fl 250/hour ($100.00), why not try the two of them together?


While a visit to one of the many boys' clubs may be entertaining, I forewarn you that often these young men are spent (if you know what I mean) by the time you visit with them.


Also, a visit with world-renowned Arnaud is worth every guilder.



Take care and ENJOY the freedom of the Netherlands.


Bryan Young


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Yes try Michael's - they are a BIG leap above the fray.


Some of the guys also escort privately - but you have to know where to find their addresses. It's better to work through Bertram for the majority of them, as you have the guarantee of quality.


Tell Bertram exactly what you are looking for in a guy, and he'll find it. They are all exceptional - no regrets... ever.


And as to the Boys' Clubs, the advice is right - look but do not be tempted to leap unless you have a kinky side interested in the local high school girls' cheerleading squad. Better to go and have a nice long leisurely "cruise" through THERMOS Sauna. Costs much less, is more fun, and you almost always find something... or something finds you.

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Guest James..Keller



Thank you for your recommendation of Johan and Quincy. I am going to Amsterdam in March, and I have had my eye on Quincy. Too bad he's not versatile.


Have you met Axel in Brussels? And is it fair to ask your feelings about Mike, Ryan and Isaac? Isaac has been highly recommended to me by others in these discussions.



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Guest Tall Texn

Quincy was the only escort that I bedded and rebedded...and would have again...but I finally ran out of time! As to versatile...I couldn't swear to it...all I remember was one incredibly sweet young man that was so very tender and caring and delicious to be with! I've seen the others listed...but haven't been with them. There have been enough months go by...that I am considering getting Quincy to the States!

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Although I have some of the same reservations about the "boy clubs" as the other commentators here, I would still recommend that you at least check them out, since I have had good as well as bad experiences there. I had a nice time at Why Not/Blue Boy with an Australian named Kurt earlier this year, though I got the impression that he might not last long in that nest of vipers. The now defunct Club 44 had a delightful young man named Richard who was worth every florin and who may have found a new employer. I had one great and one terrible experience with People Escorts, and would not recommend them; unfortunately, I have never used Michael's Escorts, but I intend to next time I'm in Amsterdam, because I have never heard anything bad about them from anyone.

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