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CzechModel Gay Escort in London, United Kingdom, available for Gay Escorting,Modeling,Erotic Massage. |...

Ok, so first things first, don't judge him by those pics because they don't do him justice. He's broader in the shoulders now and sometimes sports facial hair.

Also, he can't take a picture of his smile for some reason but it's frigging awesome.

He has more pics on Romeo/hunkz


HUNQZ - The top site for Gay, Bi and Trans Escorts, for rent or hire, massage, companionship, or stripping.

So, what's he like in person? He gets straight into it. Passionately. Good kisser and really tries to connect with the client too. Body is great, skin is soft and smooth and totally edible. And his ass is devine. Super tight. Probably the tightest if had in a very long time. But there was zero complaining about it and he took what was given to him.

He was even willing to try a couple of kinky toys too although at beginner levels but considering he only met me for the first time tonight and it wasn't previously discussed I think that shows great open-mindedness.

I do recommend.

9.75 / 10

Hire with confidence 👍


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I agree with the OP on how sexy this guy's ads are, especially the latter one.  (Yes, he surely needs better pix on the RM ad.) 

Too bad he is in London.  Any plans to travel stateside? 

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So I had another meeting with him this evening and it was just as great as the first time (if not better).

Again, got to highlight that this guy really WORKS when he's with you from the moment he arrives until the moment he leaves he's attentive, engaged, enthusiastic and proactive.

He's about to head to Prague then Dubai then back to London and I will repeat a meeting with him.

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