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Yeiko nyc


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I don't suppose anyone knows about thing about Yeiko? Just saw him online tonight and we're set to meet tomorrow night - my feeling from texting him is that he's genuinely a macho guy who likes to be dominant but is willing to tone it down for me as I like to be submissive but in a light way ... his communication seems straightforward so I think he will show up as planned ...


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25 minutes ago, steve10025 said:

I did meet up with him ... he's a nice guy, showed up on time and was very cordial, listened to what I wanted and did exactly what I asked - he's a great top, not really into oral but he loves booty! sincerely into it. Doesn't speak much English at all. I would recommend him.

Just saw his rate, did you pay $150?

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more like 6'0 - there's a lot good about him - nice guy, (though his English is very limited), nice dick, good top (not so into oral but he's very into anal), willing to accomodate. Here's another link for him:


Bi Male Escort in New York City - Age 25. Yeiser chico latino de 25 años alto tatuado pulcro contáctame y charlamos un rato


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