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Luiggy in Boston


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Super hot just like his photos. And very sweet. Easy to book and good communicator. I signed up for massage as I like to test the waters to see where it goes. He started out with the massage on the bed in his underwear so I thought maybe that's just what it would be. Which is fine if the person is good as a masseur.  The massage was mostly him use his fingertips as he touched my body. It started to lead to some deep strokes and to be relaxing but then he escalated it to something more. Basically a  a rub and tug session. I was hoping it might turn hotter but he didn't/couldn't get hard and I lost interest as I could tell he wasn't into me. Also, it was obvi he was trying to get me off so he could be done. The entire session was about 30 minutes. I'm glad I tested it before hiring as an escort. I would not repeat. Maybe if I told him I wanted an escort service in the beginning it would be different but he had the option to upgrade and he did not. I'm 53 and in decent shape and have had good connections with hotter providers but I get it if someone is not into you. 

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19 hours ago, Tallmenlover said:

I’ve hired and him a few times along with his partner a couple times. He has an amazing body, his massage skills have improved over the years, and he’s very comfortable to be around. He knows everything that I like now so I always look forward when he’s in town. My only criticism is he doesn’t kiss. 

Who is his partner?

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I’ve had some good experiences with him and his partner. He gives a pretty good massage and lots of extras. However, he’s in dc now and canceled our session last night with no explanation. I tried rescheduling today with no response, despite being active on RM and Grindr. Very strange, but if you can get a session with him, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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