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Prayers for Bobby


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This movie, airing tonight on the Lifetime channel, is getting a big boost, at least out here. The paper is full of ads for it, many reviews have come out as though it was heading to the local cinema. And, this morning, my LA Times was delivered in a plastic bag coated with huge ads for the movie. I am not a Sijourney Weaver fan, but I might be after I see the movie.


One reviewer said that the movie was more like a big public service announcement than a movie, but all I can think is how much a movie like this might have meant to me as a young teen. It's for that reason that I want it to succeed.


Here's the San Francisco Chronicle's review:



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Thanks for the heads up Lucky. I will certainly be watching. I also called my parents and asked them to watch. While not fundamentalist, they are very christian and finally accepted the gay side of who I am only last year. They are 86 and 82 and have been making peace with themselves and others in their final years. We even talked about my failed suicide attempt as a teen for the same reasons.



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>Muchas gracias, Lucky, for beginning this thread. Although I

>try to stay away from programs with commercials, I will watch

>this one, regardless of the SF CHRONICLE'S (sleepy symbol).


Well, the title character's actor of the movie, Ryan Kelley, is a cutie-patootie. What other reason does one need to see the movie? ;-)

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>Although I

>>try to stay away from programs with commercials, I will


>>this one, regardless of the SF CHRONICLE'S (sleepy





If you want to watch this film without commercials, it is now available for download from iTunes for a cost of $3.99.


At this time, it is not known if the film will ever be released for rental on DVD.

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Guest Wetnwildbear

I realize that this was based on a true story from the 80's.


And I feel very non-PC saying that the film had an 80's


After School Special feel to it.


In general "Gay Cinema" has moved beyond this type of


slow, sappy, predictable story.



I'm sure this film has some positive value for teens stuck


in the kind of Ultra-So-Called Xtian Bigotty-Bible Based Bull


of a home life that the film illustrates. The people who need


to get the message most - that words have real power to destroy


a child or young adult are the least likely to watch.



In the 80's I would have loved the film - Because there was


practically nothing in the way of Gay Cinema.



Today - Let Oprah do an opening segment and put it on at 4pm on


Tuesday. Definitely - no better than an After School Special.

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