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A Tale of Two Countries


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I heard and read of two interesting developments that somehow seemed related to the current economic distress being experienced world-wide. The first was a report on CBC radio that a number of high-end restaurants in New York City were featuring 19th century menus that were typical of what royalty ate during the Victorian period. These meals are apparently being offered at between $100 and $600 apiece (licquor I would assume is not included in the price).


The other is a report in today's Globe and Mail newspaper of Toronto that the Royal Society of Chemistry in Britain has formulated a version of gruel cited in Dicken's novel Oliver Twist. It passed out this bland gloop of oats, milk and water to passers-by to taste (apparently not as awful as imagined).


Now doesn't that just sum up perfectly the two extremes that people will go to in reacting to the current financial crisis by going back in time to a happier? period in history to find comfort? in food! :7

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