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I'm just asking.....


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I am strangely and obviously implicated in your post as I have had conversations with you, best, and Daddy in the past week, and because I am the one who tossed the match that started this forest fire. I can answer part of your question.


I started the banter about who was masquerading around on the boards when I raised the question about rockhard and mickeymoosie. More speculation followed, by me and others.


When purplekow chimed in with the following: “I would rather hear from one person with two thoughtful yet different ideas than some of the usual suspects here who have plenty of opinions but nothing of real substance to say,” I thought I heard the voice of Rick. The tone sounded all too familiar.


I’ve never told anyone that I knew for certain Rick was purplekow—I didn’t know for sure—but I asked Rick the following question: “Do you think that you're funnier as Rick Munroe or as purplekow?” That is where this unfortunate conflagration started. I have likewise never said or implied that Daddy confirmed that Rick was purplekow. Nor did I ever state or suggest that Rick writes his own reviews.


A lot of muck is getting mixed together in this drama, and if it is me that you are suggesting should step forward and “explain,” well…here I am. But put your drum away. There was no lying that came from my corner. Assuming here that escort in question is none other than me!


I share your disorientation about the multiple personae thing. I thought the lesson of IceFireWizard was that alternative screennames were taboo. Apparently not…

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I am about as sick of this as you all are... but apparently, I missed something in Best's original post. All he asked Daddy was, is Rick Munroe posting under a different name?... like, maybe Purplekow?? The issue was never that Rick was a "mean girl" until the thread went on.. and they both traded some slaps. Apparently, with a disputed history between them.


And who the fuck knows about that?


Rick is a valued part of this site. If, for no other reason, than the spanking vids, (many thanks!!!) but there are others, in fact, many... And so is Best..... a long time poster and COMPLETELY creditable reviewer who does more, um.....field work than probably any of us.. (note to Best.... don't try to hire Eric Hanson.... If I'M too slutty... well...please....)


Now, here is where the worm turns;


Best was told by an escort that Rick Munroe was Purplekow, and so was I.... and the escort told me that Daddy had confirmed it. So, for me... all of this bullshit and name calling really comes down to an issue of.... drum roll, please... did the escort lie???


And if not, why hasn't he stepped up and backed up his story? To you all. One does wonder. To me, it's the escort's credibility in question, not Best's..


In closing... and let us please not burn the house down with me in it.... but why was it such an abomination when Draker was the IceFireWizard and such duality is just no big deal now? This is NOT pointed at Rick... I do not want him off this board in any way. I am a big fan of the sarcastic and the kid does excel at that, in spades... No stranger to it, myself, alas.. This place would never be the same without him and we have lost too many already... so, to be clear, I am asking about the issue and not the person.


You know, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye....



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Tom, if you read my post from the beginning, I started out with the a declaration of having one screen name and that being more than sufficient for me. I then expressed an opinion that there may be people who have two thoughtful yet differing opinions which might be better expressed with separate names. This in no way suggested that these names be used for nefarious purposes, self-aggrandizement or bitter name calling.

Thanks for my fifteen minutes of Message Center fame, it has given me a headache. Now I will ask you to do me a favor, drop it or at the least keep me out of it. Thanks Purplekow aka Rick but not that Rick

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Guest zipperzone

How many threads are you guys going to start on this subject until you get bored and drop it?


Daddy has said that Rick is only Rick - what more do you need.


Perhaps you should take up mahjong to keep your fertile little minds occupied.

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Tom.."Ice Fire Wizard" whose Identity we all know from the last "Double or Triple Identity" Broo-ha-ha, is from his very recent post still apparently alive and well! So IF there was a Lesson to learn, apparently there was no one in school that day, maybe a heavy Snow Storm kept them all away? ;-)

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>Best was told by an escort that Rick Munroe was Purplekow, and

>so was I.... and the escort told me that Daddy had confirmed

>it. So, for me... all of this bullshit and name calling really

>comes down to an issue of.... drum roll, please... did the

>escort lie???


Thank you for defining "manipulation" and "gossip". :)

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You know I'm just going to have to put a Clothespin pen on it so that I don't get up to go pee... I just get in too much trouble.


x( x( x( x(

We (Hooboy and I) have always maintained a policy that public people are allowed to have both a public and a private profile. Hooboy had several, I have two, and there are several people on the board that likewise do so.


As long as they are not being malicious, I really don't give a shit. Yes I know when it happens, but I rarely do an active search. I do a search when the moderators and/or administrators request it or when I see patterns that indicate abuse. I will not answer public speculation on this issue.

I was never asked privately if Rick was PurpleCow. I've always known who IceFireWizard (and his previous aliases) were.


Now can we drop this entire mess? It would be rather nice to be able to get some sleep.







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