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411 on BoyfriendTop in NYC


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6 hours ago, Brosnan said:

I think he’ll only see Asian guys — “Asian guys welcome”. Meaning to the exclusion of everyone else?

I think he means Asians are welcome because there has been instances where people of color are turned away by escorts because of their race. I think he's just highlighting the fact he doesn't exclude them in particular.

He didn't say only Asian men.

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As much as I appreciate his welcoming attitudes towards Asian people (it was hurtful and embarrassing that people reject you when you show up at their door and they were like, "Eww..." Trust me, I've been there...), I remember I've seen this profile before but under a different name back when he only provided massage services.... I can't recall when he includes escorting service into the menu....

Also..., the ad is gone....?

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Please text me directly if you have questions about my massage services or why I don't discriminate against Asians.

If you'd like to see me, I require that you not write about me online. If you're not okay with that, don't book me.

There's an FBI tip line and they accept website/cyber submissions. Thank you.

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