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Rentmasseur Providers Private Galleries & Nude Pix


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Being fairly new here reading Do’s & Don’ts regarding expectations and what’s reasonable and respectful where erotic massage is offered. 
Comments reminding that the masseur is not an escort so if it’s sec you want go to rentmen. 
Yet looking at rentmasseur the majority of the ads have lots of bare skin leaving little to the imagination. If you are able to view the Masseur’s private gallery often there’s plenty of erect photos or butt shots more suggestive of being a top, bottom or versatile. 

Then when you look at their rates and reviews it’s $200 or more for 60 minutes or the rate varies for the same amount of time it is confusing 
Bottom line it looks like offering for more than erotic massage with MT and HE. 
So how does one navigate these options/expectations without being confused about what’s being offered and what you can ask and reasonable expectations?

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The only way to know what a provider offers ahead of time, I think, is to communicate.

Some guys do post nude photos and provide an erotic experience.

Other guys post nude photos and have high rates but don't provide the experience one might expect.

If you don't want to gamble, then ask in advance what you can expect. 

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There is no real way to tell. You can read their ad, you can read their reviews, you can ask folks here, and you can ask the provider. NONE of those will guarantee how your session will go.

  • High price does not mean that sex is included
  • Nude pics doesn't mean that you will get to experience that big dick or that juicy ass.
  • Someone's experience/review here or elsewhere is no guarantee that you will have the same session and experience. As commonly said here: Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV).
  • You can ask the provider. However, some may not discuss extras via phone/text. I have had sessions where I was promised things ahead of time and they were NOT delivered. I have had sessions where the Masseur stated that there were no extras...and it was a fuckfest.

It's unfortunate, but you have to use ALL of these tactics in combination with your own instincts. It can be trial and error...but you will start learning to read the signs and read between the lines.

I would say that this FORUM is your greatest tool in helping you navigate the waters. One of the best benefits is that this FORUM tells you who to AVOID. The search function can be your best friend.


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For clarification...I missed a "NOT"
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In reading posts on this forum there appears to be conflicting advice on how to read between the lines. 
Some posts recommend against asking however vaguely about those ‘extras’ as it is insulting to the masseur. 
Other posts note that if the provider is going to offer sex on the menu they would be on rentmen. 
Yet there in some public photos and most often in the private ones are dick pics 😳 often erect. 
When I read reviews and for a 60 minute session the amount paid varies but is in the $250-$300 range that seems pretty damn high for just an erotic massage 🥴

Then there are posts that some providers and clients are concerned of the stigma of escort so they prefer to use the masseur term   
I really appreciate this site and forums it has been very instructive as I dip my, ahem, toes in the water. 😉


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Normally I wouldn’t ask up front about extras and stuff. But if they post erections or naked butts in their private gallery, then I’d say it’s fair game to inquire. Also ask for their rates even if it’s listed, some of them will be forthright  in quoting a menu of services and prices. If they do, then you can be more direct and specific in your queries. 

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You know, there's no way any advice could be an exact guide as to how to navigate these questions, and you will probably make a mistake or two, and occasionally pay more than you wanted for less than you hoped for. I will say that provocative photos are a sign that more is available, and especially a rate listed as "ASK" indicates a provider is more escort than masseur. As for stating your desires openly via text, it's tricky. It's okay upfront to say you want an "erotic" massage, but beyond that few providers will put anything in writing. If you see a post from someone on this forum about the provider you're interested in, it's perfectly fine to PM them to ask what they're willing to share about the experience. Most people will honestly reply. Beyond that, you'll have to wing it on arrival.

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7 hours ago, Lucky said:

A possible question: Hi Masseur, I see your photos of your hard dick. Will I be seeing that in person during the massage?

Or, should I douche before the massage?

Yep. When I see a private photo of a hard dick, I come prepared from home just in case. Not that I will be expecting anything but, if it happens, well, there are no surprises :)

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On 9/25/2021 at 7:16 AM, jtwalker said:

I have yet to find a guy that was good at both massage and sex.  I prefer to find therapeutic masseurs and then use RentMen if I want something else.

Angel in SF comes to mind for me as someone who fits both. It looks like he took his profile down though. Also recently tried Tyler in Seattle. The potential was there. So they do exist, but hard to find! Our friends here are great resources for finding them :)

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