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Don't do your holiday shopping without reading this.

Rick Munroe

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(from the Human Rights Campaign's Joe Solmonese)


It's official: the holiday shopping craze is upon us.


As you work your way through your gift list, be sure your hard-earned dollars are supporting businesses that support LGBT equality.


[a href=http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/ct/17qCOo91R4E6/]Download your FREE copy of the HRC 2009 Buying for Equality guide today.[/a]


With all the uncertainties in today's economy, it's important to make sure every dollar you spend reflects your values. This year's guide includes 260 companies that received a perfect score – businesses that have truly earned the right to call you a customer.


And be sure to check out our "Red" section, as well. The 72 businesses listed there have failed to support LGBT equality or have declined to respond to HRC's Corporate Equality Index survey.


Which companies offer domestic partner benefits or have anti-discrimination policies? Don't shop blindly. Know before you go!


Get your copy of Buying for Equality 2009. You can either [a href=http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/ct/17qCOo91R4E6/]download an electronic copy[/a] or have the [a href=http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/ct/q1qCOo91R4EW/]print version[/a] mailed to you.


Dramatic progress is being made in workplaces across the country. By making sure our money aligns with our values, we can make it a revolution.




Joe Solmonese


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Well let's see; I have here the rating sheet http://www.hrc.org/documents/HRC_Corporate_Equality_Index_2009.pdf

1. Non-discrimination policy, diversity training — sexual orientation 

a. Equal Employment Opportunity policy includes sexual orientation  15 
b. Diversity training covers sexual orientation  5 
2. Non-discrimination policy, diversity training & benefits — gender identity or expression 

a. Equal Employment Opportunity policy includes gender identity 
 or expression  15 
b. Gender identity diversity training offered OR 
 supportive gender transition guidelines in place*  5 
c. Offers transgender-inclusive insurance coverage for at least 
 one type of benefit*  At least one: Counseling by a mental health professional; 
 pharmacy benefits covering hormone therapy; medical visits to monitor the 
 effects of hormone therapy and other associated lab procedures; medically 
 necessary surgical procedures such as hysterectomy; or short-term disability 
 leave for surgical procedures   5 
3. Partner benefits 

a. Partner health insurance  15 
b. Partner COBRA, dental, vision and legal dependent coverage*  5 
c. Other partner benefits*  At least three: FMLA-like leave; † 
 bereavement leave;† employer-provided supplemental life insurance for a partner;   
 relocation/travel assistance; adoption assistance; qualified joint and survivor 
 annuity for partners; qualified pre-retirement survivor annuity for partners; 
 retiree healthcare benefits; or employee discounts  5 
4. LGBT employee resource group / diversity council, or  15 
 (half credit) Would support a LGBT employee resource group with 
 employer resources if employees expressed an interest 
5. Positively engages the external LGBT community  15 
6. Employer exhibits responsible behavior toward the LGBT community; 
does not engage in action that would undermine LGBT equality   —** 


Let's see how Daddys Reviews stacks up:


1a) Don't have a policy; I'll hire anybody that can do the job. -15.

1b) No Diversity Training. Will provide high heel training if requested.-5


2a) No; I have a policy of not giving a shit what your gender is. -15

2b) No; I refuse to train you to be what you want to be. However on request I will help you become what you want to be. -5

2c) No; Don't provide insurance. -5


3a) No; If my partner doesn't get insurance; yours doesn't either. -15

3b) No;-5

3c) NO;-5


4) No interest but give me a yell when your ready. 7.5


5) I'm going to remain the same cranky, argumentative, son of a bitch that says exactly what he thinks. -15.


6) I'm not even touching this one. -0


Final Score: 7.5 points (Opps)

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Guest Delaware Man

Thank you Rick,

I was about to order some clothing from LL Bean but now I will not. As to Tiffany, with the all the gay guys who buy their expensive trinkets, I was quite surprised they did not do better. Do I have to throw out the Tiffany cologne a former b/f gave me? I like it.

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>I have friends who

>are philosophically opposed to producing it and the techniques

>used, but if someone's already DONE it.......


LOL Yeah, but isn't that like buying a puppy from a pet store that uses puppy mills...the puppy's already there and needs a home, but you help them to stay in business and continue mistreating animals?

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