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David_ILCA in DC


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He has some history that's scandalous.  Not that he did anything wrong that I know of, but was the companion of someone prominent, and there was an expos-A with photographs.  Can't remember if it was a politician or a religious leader.  There was a thread about it on the old site -- but which of the many aliases to use in a search, lol?  Maybe someone else remembers...

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I reached out to him years ago when he was based in Chicago and he responded to my message 

I really don't meet with chubby people 

I'm 5'5" 165.  Yes, I have a stomach paunch but I don't consider myself chubby (not that there is anything wrong with that)   I played soccer in middle and high school so I have fairly well developed legs 

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42 minutes ago, blackriver said:

He is a complete flake. I texted once about his trip to DC and responded saying he was in some Chicago neighborhood. He himself doesn’t know if he is coming or going!

I’d say he has been there & done that & willing to do it again!  Sounds like you dodged a bullet. 

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