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Peeping Tom

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Do I report it? And where?


I'm standing on my balcony smoking a cigarette (yeah, I quit, but I allow myself to cheat once/month or so). I see a guy taking a leisurely stroll between the buildings ... it's a normal route for people walking dogs but he has no dog.


The guy stops at each window where lights are on and peers in. He's not even subtle about it. It isn't a casual glance as he passes by. He stops and actively peers in.


He gets to my downstairs neighbors and BACKS UP to get a better view between the blinds.


Not known for keeping my mouth shut, I blurt "see anything you like?" He runs.


I have to tell my downstairs neighbors. We're friends. I know they don't lock their front door.


Do I tell apartment management? Call the cops?



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I'd call the cops.


The concern, of course, is that his behavior will escalate to breaking in, or worse. If your neighborly intervention scared him off for good, well done. If not, the cops will be on the lookout for a prowler.



PS: Sorry to butt in, but you've got me on a roll. ;) It took me three tries, all difficult, to finally quit smoking. Two were because I figured I'd kicked the habit and it was OK to cheat every once in a while. It wasn't.

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At a minimum, tell your neighbors and the building's manager. You probably should report it to the cops. If you're not quite ready to report it to the cops, then keep an eye out and definitely report it to the cops if you catch him again.


Just my $0.02.



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Guest zipperzone

I sometimes wonder if people who do not close their blinds/curtains and live on ground floors where other people can see in their window, know exactly what they are doing and actually invite lookers.


I once lived in an apartment building in a very dense area of Vancouver. The building across the street had large windows and if the lights were on everything that happened there could be seen from dozens of other apartments.


One apartment was occupied by a very hunky guy of about 25. He was a bartender and didn't get home until after 2 a.m. Almost every night we could guarantee that he would bang his girlfriend - totally naked - with all the lights on and apparently no shame. I can still see in my mind that great butt bobbing up and down. He was a true exhibitionist and must have known many people were watching him.


He usually did his laundry on Sundays. I would watch him get it ready and put it into a basket in the nude. He would then put on a shorty robe and take it downstairs to the communal laundry room. His robe was so short I'm sure anyone in the elevator or in the laundry room got a very good view especially if he had to bend over to put it in the dryer. I wish I could have found a way and an excuse to be in that laundry room - alas, no luck.


So, getting back to the question. Yes, I would inform your neighbors but wouldn't be too surprised if they were not overly concerned with your warning. As to calling the cops? Probably not.

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Before you frighten him off the next time, you might want to grab a camera and take a picture of him, and then do all of the above like reporting him to the cops, the management and to your neighbors.

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