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I really miss Tim Russert

Philly Guy
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Last night was horrible without Tim. I used to look forward to election night with the white board. I can hardly watch NBC with Tom Brokaw; he has seen his best days. NBC needs to find a replacement FAST. Then again, when GE unloads that property to Comcast it won't make a difference anyway! :p

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Guest ncm2169

Sorry to speak ill of the dead, but Russert was all too often a sop to the "inside the Beltway" crowd, from which he was spawned, of course. I detect no loss of wisdom from his absence on the scene.


Furthermore, with any luck, we can look forward to an early retirement from another "if they'd just take the middle road I set forth" pontificating blowhard David Broder, who is clearly past his DC expiration date. x(

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