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Fleshlight or imitation?...

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I am really intrigued by this sex toy.


I travel a lot for my job, I am very sexual and sometimes you can't always find or hire whom you want, so a sex toy like this sounds hot.


I have seen on xtube and dudesnude clips of men who look like they enjoy this "masturbator" and I want one.



60 Bucks (Plus shipping) is what the original costs.




But there are similar (?) products for much less.


Any input?



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Guest Tristan

Get the real thing. It's made very well. You don't know what you're going to get with a clone. Trust me. You won't regret it.


Check out the website, owned by the same company, but designed strictly for the gay customer. The products and prices are the same, but I found the site more comfortable for a gay person.




Search for a thread on this site in The Lounge. I recall a thread from quite some time ago in which people discussed their favorite combinations.


There's also a site, unrelated to the company, that is dedicated to everything Fleshlight.



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In the first scene of Centurion Pictures' recent Maximus video, the two guys play around with this Fleshlight toy or something really like it. I fast forwarded. I mean two hot muscular guys each playing with a toy when the real thing was right at hand? I didn't get it.

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Guest Tristan

Hope you like it. I have the mouth with the "wonder wave" insert and a silver case. You won't believe the texture of the insert. I've never seen anything like it. Make sure to read the recommendations for use and maintenance.


I just checked the fleshjack.com site. If you don't like your insert, you can buy them ala carte for $39.95. Of course, you won't have the case to make it look like a flashlight unless you toss the first one.

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Tyger here. I have done some porn and go to the GayVN Awards and Grabby Awards and every year they give us a gift bag with one of those toys in there! You want one? I'll save one for you from the next awards and mail it to you for free! They are very soft and mushy feeling. Kind of like pussy. One time I decided to experiment with it a bit. I took out the silacone insert, lubed up my hand and put my hand in it. Then wiggled my fingers around. Then I pulled the other end over my cock and started jering myself off. Nice combo feeling of a hand job and the silkiness of a nice wet hole... the feeling reminded me of double fucking some guys butt~







men4rentnow.com tygerscent in Portland, Oregon

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