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Win Service Pack 3.....OK to load?.....

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It's OK with this geek. Haven't had any problems with the dozens of machines I've updated.


There are widely-reported issues, but most of them are things that "normal" users won't experience. There's one that's reproducible and predictable, but again it's something that most users won't experience and a fix is easy and readily discoverable.


If you don't normally customize your Windows environment to the teeth, just do it. The one known foible won't keep you from coming online to ask how to fix it.

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You need better geeks.


(Disclaimer: your geek isn't technically wrong. It just depends on how you read the wherefores and whereases of the licensing agreements, and whether or not Dell will take your money for a XP machine. They will.)


(Dell used as an example. Swap the name of your vendor.)

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