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Recent Reviews of Hungarian Men

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Dearest Kjun,


I don't think it would've mattered much if you were out in the '70's or not, because Hungary definitely was not "out" in the '70's, if you'll remember. It only became what it i today after the fall of the Soviet Union & Friends, when 1000's of young soldiers suddenly found themselves without means of support. So, you take a whole lot of poor, idle young men, throw them into a nightclub with ChiChi LaRue, and voila!




La Trix

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Hee Hee Hee!!!!!!!!!


It was a fantastic (and not so expensive) vacation trip, although I do live nearby too.


Treated myself to Budapest, Prague, and Vienna for about 3 weeks.


But Budapest was the busiest part.


There was such a blur of activity that it was hard in submitting so many reviews over a short period to record every detail.


One thing more was that only in Prague did I take in the nightclub scene (accompanied by a young man from Slovakia, not reviewed yet), which was interesting, although too many twink types for my taste, while a lengthy visit to a (non-gay) Turkish baths in Budapest was great simply for relaxation. It was a bit funny seeing some guys walking around with the older mini-apron rather than the now more required swimming suit. I never did make it to the 100% gay baths in either city.:+

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I visited Budapest about ten years ago, maybe more, and I went to a huge non-gay bath, located underneath the majestic old hotel I was staying in. At that time, everyone was naked. Is the swimming suit required something new? At the time, what struck me was that there were men of every age, from teens to eighties wandering about - arguing, reading papers, talking, etc. It was really neat - and the funniest thing was that it was as though everyone was fully clothed! And I also found that there were a lot of very hunky guys everywhere.

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