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Steamy Shower Scene on daytime TV

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Okay, I admit it, I watch One Life to Live. And I will shallowly admit that I only tend to watch it when there's a storyline that involves a hot guy.


I created a post a few months ago when Mark Lawson joined the cast as "Brody". He is one hottie! And he looks freaking awesome in his boxer briefs. This guy is DEFINITELY my type.





His current story line puts him in a love triangle of sorts with "Rex", played by John Paul Lavoisier. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it seems that John Paul is looking even more toned and buff lately (even since the following pic).





Today's episode had a scene that was pretty much soft porn. The storyline is coming to a head with both guys battling for the love and attention of a girl. (No need to post her pic ... lol) Basically, the scene was of the two guys each at their own place, stripping and taking a shower, all set to music. It would go back from one guy to the other. The only downside of the scene was that the girlfriend joined one of the guys in the shower. But other than that ... totally hot!

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RE: NO Steamy Shower Scene on daytime TV


Your post says today's episode, but I didn't get any steamy shower scene on the show I DVR'd. Thankfully I only had to wait a few minutes to scan it. There was a cute guy in uniform in a courtroom scene and a cute young Latino, but no steam anywhere, and certainly no shower scene!


But, thankfully you added the clip. I now see that it was on yesterday, but the time stamp on your post said Tuesday. So at least now I don't have to watch the show I DVR"d, but who is the cute latino?

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