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Rock Hard Misses Us!!!

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It was quite a thrill to see that Rock Hard has been lurking around, pretending he wasn't missing us. Then, of all things, a grammar issue got him to return to the fold. Yes, a silly grammar issue brought the Rock back to our forums.


Well, welcome back, Rock. Don't be afraid of deej, he's practically retired. And I'm sure that you could handle him anyway. Somedays these forums can put one to sleep, so please, keep on posting!


Here's Rock Hard's dramatic return post:



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I read the whole thread. So fatiguing, but Rick is right: 'fucking' functions perfectly well as an adverb. As always, Rock Hard likes to pontificate about writing but his own writing shows how poor his grasp of style is. Some things never change.

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"It was quite a thrill to see that Rock Hard has been lurking around"


So glad to provide Lucky with a thrill, even if it's this cheap. Rumor has it thrills have been hard to come by lately.


Lurking? Lurking suggests a sneak and I don't sneak. I was read-only many years before Daddy so I see no reason to stop. Some men here are very entertaining.


"pretending he wasn't missing us"


Pretending? Pretending suggests a false appearance. There's nothing false about my fondness for certain posters here. I do miss them and I see no reason to pretend otherwise. (Email works just fine.)


"Then, of all things, a grammar issue got him to return to the fold."


Not just any grammar issue but a bitch-queen cat-fight I'm-smarter-than-you grammar throw down with two of my phat-fave wide-mouth escorts. Now that's a party!


"Well, welcome back, Rock."


Thank you, dear. But I can't stay. I'm allergic to dirty old cunts.


"Don't be afraid of deej"


Speaking of...sneaks.


"I'm sure that you could handle him anyway."


But who wants to handle the three faces of Eve?


"Somedays these forums can put one to sleep"


Well, with lethargic mod-speak like this:


"When I finally had time I found I didn't miss this place at all. Wasn't even curious. I did check in and found threads I really didn't care to know about and hated to read so I just didn't. <shrug> Not skulking, just don't give a damn. Sorry." © deej


No wonder the party suffers. It's time for new hostess twinky.

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Guest ncm2169

Why does anyone care? More invites to ego-stroking sessions are not on my to-do list. x( Enough of the fucking divas. x( x(

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>>I'm allergic to dirty old



>Rock's autoimmune response - the gift that keeps on giving!


Only here. I never use the word in my private life, except when gay friends complain about their encounter with one. And, typically, they're referencing some queen on the rag lusting for a menstrual cramp.


Using the word cunt is one of the things I miss about writing here. I think it's a great word that speaks volumes, especially when referencing a bitter queen who can't find one reason to be joyous about anything and longs to make others as miserable as she.


As for Cindy McCain, I can't imagine her coming close to Michelle Obama's performance this evening. It's very hard to get beyond the distraction of Cindy's alien-like appearance, which is one ounce Majirel 10.0 next to Albino.

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I meant to post this when RockHard first vanished from these boards, but sloth prevented it.


Rock, as my silly asides try to make fun with, I frequently find your posts pompous, overweening, too serious by half. Doubtless you find me similar, or variants thereof. As a result, we have fun with each other here. And maybe our and others' to-and-fro give slightly more amusement than irritation to readers.


It was (let brickbats fly) a diminishment when you dropped off these forums. Without irony, with good wishes, welcome back.

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Guest Wetnwildbear

I'm pretty sure that RockHard was the one who killed my doggy,


Mr. FlufferDoodles and then force-fed the remains to a group of


transgendered, lesbian, hermaphrodite, carniverous, junkie moths with


self-esteem issues. All the time while he laughingly and manically


sang the Dick Cheney theme song!

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