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Experience with Salvia Divinorum??

Guest ncm2169
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Guest ncm2169

I've long been an aficionado of pot (the only thing I have in common with the late Carl Sagan), but of course there's the pesky matter of it being illegal in our Land of Backward Laws. Imagine my surprise when I recently heard about Salvia Divinorum, a thoroughly (so far) legal substance which is described as containing a powerful hallucinogen and has been around for years.


Just curious if anyone has any experience with it? :p

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> ... about Salvia Divinorum...

>Just curious if anyone has any experience with it? :p


I tried it once many years ago with a friend who knew about such things. If I remember correctly it came on in a minute and lasted only a few minutes or so.

It was interesting, very intense, psychedelic. But not sure that I could describe it very well.


Not something I am terribly motivated to do again but in the right setting might try it again. Definitely not something to do casually like drinking a beer or smoking some pot.


Like any intoxicants I've tried (including alcohol) I find physical activity (especially sex) more fun, and of course more healthy.


It was intense enough that I think one should try it with someone else present rather than alone.

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I've smoked it and I had an amazing time. Made

me feel mildly drunk and then I saw some crazy

things after smoking more of it.

Personally, I wouldn't try more than a few times

a year or even once a year, as some people can get

mild flashbacks. I recommend a few bowls of 20x

or 45x mixed w/ 6x. Here's where you can buy some:




Not everyone has the awesome fun happy time that I had

with Salvia where they see all kinds of amazing things.

A few people have temporarily lost their affect while

on it which could make someone completely terrified.


If you smoke it, try a bowl at a time and see what

happens. Limit yourself to about 2. I would also

try it at home for the first time, in very familiar

surroundings, possibly with someone you trust

around to make sure you're okay. Good luck!



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RE: The Divine Miss S.


As an amateur ethno-botananist, I can give you a little more info. Let me put on my labratory frock and Miss Science glasses... ok. Ready?


Salvia divinorum is one of several sacred herbs used by the healers and diviners of the Mazatec culture of northern Oaxaca, Mexico. (The Mazatec are well known for their use of hallucinogenic mushrooms, as per the movie 'Altered States'). S. divinorum is an evergreen perennial herb in the family Labiatiae, related to common culinary sage (Salvia officionalis). It has never been found growing naturally in the wild, but has been carefully cultivated by the Mazatec healers for perhaps thouands of years. The local, mystical name for the plant is "The Good Shepherdess".


When the dry leaves are smoked, Salvia divinorum can produce a brief but powerful hallucinatory effect, usually lasting no longer than twenty minutes. In it's traditional use, shamans use it to contact spirit guides, and indeed, many non-Mazatecs who've tried it report the sensation that a "higher" or "otherwordly" power is communicating, or attempting to communicate with them.


For this reason, it is probably a tad too intense to be considered a replacement for good old pot. A friend of mine who tried it found it frightening. And although it's currently legal, it is by no means cheap nor easy to come by. Although you'll find hundreds of online sources, the Divine Miss S loses her efficacy very rapidly after drying, and I think your chances of finding fresh and potent material are slim. (However if you simply must try it, I will send you freshly dried leaves from my plant).


It's worthwhile to note that all Salvias- including culinary sage- contain carcinogens. Not that I care a whit.


La Trix

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To answer your question, if you are that concerned,

you should probably never try Salvia. It is amazing

if used with respect, but not everyone has the amazing

experience that many people (including myself) have had.


Also, because mild flashbacks are possible, I really

do not recommend using it often. If you are the

least bit worried, again, do not use it. I didn't

write what I wrote to sell you on anything. No

one with misgivings should ever use this type

of hallucinogen.



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