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Sphincter-Centered Individuals

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If you thought the world was run by assholes, you wouldn't be surprised that now they have their own encyclopedia! Composed by a seemingly unrelated couple, it lists a whole slew of people determined to be deliberate assholes.


The word "deliberate" is important here, as the authors concede that the actual list of assholes could take up volumes, (There's actually a quiz in the back of the book that you can take to determine your own qualification for the title.)


In general, people who run over puppies are assholes, but the deliberateness of an act is what really qualifies. If you intentionally take the last piece of pizza, you qualify. If you honk your horn and pass a lot of people because you are in a hurry to take your sick puppy to the vet, you might not be an asshole.


So, if you love to see people skewered for being assholes, this book is for you. There are some of the standard candidates (Ann Coulter) and a few surprises (Tony Blair). It's titled An Encyclopedia of Assholes...and no, I didn't make the list!


The authors figured you wouldn't pay hardback prices for such a soft subject, so it's available in paperback at your local bookstore.. Hopefully it has its separate section right near the restrooms!


(I've posted a few oddball threads since returning to the message center. I'm simply trying to get some fun going and liven up the place. If you like the thread, respond. If not, send my name to the authors of the book titled above!)

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Thanks for the "boing" moment as in "boing" - I wish I'd thought of that. I certainly know enough "sphincter-centered individuals" - what a great term - to fill a book.


But tell us Lucky, did you actually buy the book or did you read it in the mens room of your local Barnes % Noble? In my local B&N the mens room is often the only place with an available seat and it's surely the most appropriate setting for such a tome.

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I bought the book at Borders, where it was conveniently placed in the impulsive shoppers area near the checkout. I tried googling it, and checking Barnes & Noble's website, but little is found. Apparently you can't just find an asshole anywhere you want to.


But here's what to look for:


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