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BUTTS! Let us discover the best butt on the net! Please Post your choice!!!!

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:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


After the face and body, the butt is the part of the anatomy that rings my bells! :)


it is the first of the month and I was going to post the numerous beautiful butt shots i found...but decided to up the ante and invite everyone to post their fav photos of the butts they like and see what kind or types of butts will surface, as the fav arse of the forum! :)


Here are some butts that caught my fancy!

My butt? (I wish lol)



Brian Joubert



Edilson Nascimiento


Akihiro sato (Japanese Brazilian model


Jake Cuenca Filipino actor/model


Justin Gaston (His butt is delicious; but this phot is so yummy, I took artistic license and posted it instead of the butt shot! : :



Zac efron


Edgardo X, Flirt4Free chat host/model



Please post some of your choices? This way, the thread will not just a be traffic flow of gawkers and checkers. It invites the rerader to participate.


just in case you want to post a picture u saw on the net. Just do the following simple steps: (Hopefully I am right! :)


* Right click on the photo you choose. Please make sure it ends in jpg etc .

* Go to properties.

* highlight the photo link up to the extension i.e jpg etc.

* Click right on the message you are preparing. Thats all it takes. to make sure look at the preview of your page. sometimes the inevitable Red X is posted instead...just get another photo link. Dont give up the quest for the cutest buns...butts..arse. bum...onions quest! :)



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Thanks...you are absolutely right to rave over Ricks ASSet! It was an oversight. Now maybe some escort butt shots will be added? I hope :p




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:-) :-) :-) :-)

Oh My God Valley D!


You are a superb expressionist of the fine art of BUTT0logy! Your collection is a rare find. I am sure your heir will be so pleased when you turn over your precious art!


Your post just proved my point: that it is more fun to see all forum members post , than just look and leave.


Thank you!


P.S. I love Ricky Schroeder. I use to have a tape of his butt and buff exposure in NYPD Blues.

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>Funny you should ask. I just saw this pic in someone's

>profile here in Amsterdam, and I'm totally confused. Ass

>implants, perhaps?





Maybe he has enlarged balls? LOL





This kind of links, without the JPG creates a problem for me too. I wanted to post some bloggers links, but I always fail. maybe some members like DEEJ, can help us sem-Newbies...quasi Geeks? :)



>(Sorry, I still don't get why it shows up as a link rather

>than just the image.)




i did look at the link. Implants that failed, i think.

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:-) :-) :-)

can someone help us with posting problems/ I guess this RED X comes from web pages that automatically controls any images cut and pasted from their sites. is there anyway to circumvent this? :)

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