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May 12th Review of Bill (NYC)


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Just finished reading the review for Bill in NYC by Cleverlad. I really respect the guts it took for Cleverlad to write a negative review. I felt he gave important information that could benefit others looking for an erotic massage.


Kudos to Clearlad on the honesty of the review and willingness to share.


By the same token, I was also very impressed with Bill's response. I felt Bill took the high road when he didn't try to contest Cleverlad's statement or provide a blow-by-blow explanation.


I did go to Bill's site to get a better idea of what he offers. I get the impression that he's very well qualified in massage and that is the primary purpose of his business. While Bill clearly states that the massage is performed without clothes, I'm not sure he implies or suggests a "happy ending".


I really enjoy a good massage and get them frequently. I also enjoy a good escort and hire regularly. But, am I the only one that considers them two separate (and very different) types of appointments?


Anyone else care to weigh in on the massage vs. sexual experience? Is it common to expect a "happy ending" during a massage?

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>Is it common to expect a "happy ending" during a massage?


Apparently it is, judging from the Craigslist ads where the poster is compelled to stress "THIS IS MASSAGE ONLY -- NO SEX".


Personally, when I book a massage I'm looking for a good massage more than a quick rub & tug. But I suspect you and I are a minority.


As to the review, I suspect the reviewer made the classic mistake of not discussing his expectations up front. He admits in the review that he found the massage painful, and that (to my way of thinking, anyway) is the calling it off point. Pain=Done. (Unless pain is part of the arrangement. }( )


If I've been in pain, a happy ending isn't very likely no matter how much effort goes into it.


The escort's response was reasonable and he alludes to the client's expectations being off, as I mentioned.


This is a typical he said/he said situation and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

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Guest GBoy

I love myself some erotic massage, I like it better than hiring escorting cause I really do like to get massages, and the erotic part is a great bonus. The whole experiences of massage doing sensually is a very erotic experiences, I am not saying you gonna have a whole blown sex right there on the table, sometimes that does happen, but the whole connection and trust you form during the massage with an expert masseur who knows how to balance sensual and theraputic. That's what I enjoy the most, a physical and spiritual experiences. I used to have one masseur who is a total package, but I haven't found a replacement yet.

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Guest zipperzone


>Bill clearly states that the massage is performed without

>clothes, I'm not sure he implies or suggests a "happy



Well it may not suggest a happy ending but it does suggest something! Why else would he advertise that he does it in the nude? To warn shy clients that they may be shocked? I don't think so....


Perhaps he is nude to avoid getting oil on his pants? I don't think so....


>Anyone else care to weigh in on the massage vs. sexual

>experience? Is it common to expect a "happy ending"

>during a massage?


The guy I go to gives the happy ending by way of a blow job, so I guess I do equate massage with release.


I have often thought how good he has it. He is a dyed-in-the-wool cocksucker and has his clients come to his home, get massaged & blown, pay for it, and all the time he is really getting HIS rocks off. Doesn't get much better than that.

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Guest josephga

ask questions ask questions. I find a great deal of people don't ask question when booking. be blunt with your expectations. i get guys that call all the time and ill ask them questions like how do you normally like the massage? and some act all dumb and doppy like huh what. also sensual and erotic mean differnt things to differnt people. to some sensual could mean from light touch to being a hand release. to some erotic could be light touch to a hand release all the way to full blown sex. I have noticed that on the craiglist people tend to expect sex more offten than those who hire from the massage sites like m4m or masseur finder. every single time iv ever posted on the cl iv had too make it clear that theres no oral or anal contact, you would think at 75.00 and some common sense people would know that... some dont..

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>ask questions ask questions.


I agree! The best way to negotiate a satisfying session is to supply some facts and to ask questions.


Some are reluctant to get too graphic for fear they are talking to the police or that the masseur will think that they are the police.


Others are reluctant to go into too much detail because of vestigal puritan mores.


Still others are afraid they'll be dismissed as prank callers.


Others just haven't thought that far ahead.



Since I WANT a good massage plus a little more, I generally try to ask what modalities the masseur uses. And often have to rephrase that to "What Style of massage do you give?" I also also ask if they use a table or a bed. Finally I try to mention in passing that "the best massage I ever had started with a shared shower and ended with a blow job" because those are things that I enjoy and though they're not REQUIRED in every massage, the phrase allows me to get the idea out on the table before I am.

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Could care less about massage, but I did learn a new word.. "splenetic" ..... I guess, the spleen makes you irritable... that explains why I am so damned cheerful. Lost my spleen in surgery two years ago... and I've been the happiest girl in the whole USA ever since...


Or... this just might still be the afterglow from Ty and David. Hard to tell.



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