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Complete List of Oscar Winners


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Feb 24, 11:51 PM (ET)


By The Associated Press


Complete list of winners at the 80th annual Academy Awards, presented Sunday night at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles:


Best Motion Picture: "No Country for Old Men."


Lead Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, "There Will Be Blood."


Lead Actress: Marion Cotillard, "La Vie en Rose."



Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem, "No Country for Old Men."


Supporting Actress: Tilda Swinton, "Michael Clayton."


Director: Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, "No Country for Old Men."


Foreign Language Film: "The Counterfeiters," Austria.


Adapted Screenplay: Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, "No Country for Old Men."


Original Screenplay: Diablo Cody, "Juno."


Animated Feature Film: "Ratatouille."


Art Direction: "Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street."


Cinematography: "There Will Be Blood."


Sound Mixing: "The Bourne Ultimatum."


Sound Editing: "The Bourne Ultimatum."


Original Score: "Atonement," Dario Marianelli.


Original Song: "Falling Slowly" from "Once," Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.


Costume: "Elizabeth: The Golden Age."


Documentary Feature: "Taxi to the Dark Side."


Documentary Short Subject: "Freeheld."


Film Editing: "The Bourne Ultimatum."


Makeup: "La Vie en Rose."


Animated Short Film: "Peter & the Wolf."


Live Action Short Film: "Le Mozart des Pickpockets ('The Mozart of Pickpockets')."


Visual Effects: "The Golden Compass."




Academy Award winners previously announced this year:


Honorary and technical Oscars: Robert Boyle; Eastman Kodak Co. (EK); David A. Grafton.

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Guest zipperzone

I watched the whole thing - beginning to end....

And quite frankly I was bored. I thought Jon Stewart did a competent job, but there was no excitement, nothing noteable and nothing that will stick in my memory tomorrow morning.


Where is the Glamour and the entertainment that we used to see. The gowns were so-so, not a show stopper among them. The nominated songs were eminently forgettable - bet no one will ever be humming one of those as you drive down the highway. The big production numbers ditched years ago and with their being discontinued, much of the entertainment value went with them.


If the writers strike had not been settled in time, nothing would have been lost IMHO. Shit there weren't even any hunky presenters to fantasize over.

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Finally a best picture i agree with! that's rare.


biggest surprise: tilda swinton! i love tilda swinton, but amy ryan wuz robbed...


a well-deserved win by Marion Cotillard. Maybe people will go see that movie now.


worst joke: "... and the baby goes to ... Angelina Jolie."


best dressed: ruby dee and helen mirren. the old broads know how to do it.


worst dressed: what the hell was arthur miller's daughter wearing? left-over christmas bows?


worst style trend: what's with all the squashed boobs. it looks like it hurts. Is that look only possible if they're real?



"Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive."

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I think John Steward did an awesome job, I was very impressed with what he brought to the table with such a short prep time seems the strike ended just little while ago. I love his joke compare the war movie with the war.


It's a really weird year for Oscar, there is no clear front runner, no one did a sweep. And all the movies are smaller and off the path, Bourne Ultimadium won more award than a lot of other more serious movie.


I really hope someone will wear something more interesting and over the top like Cher or Bjork did before. And those dresses we still remember it now. Daniel Day Lewis's wife wore something folky, but she is not from the Hollywood, and she didn't just wore a boring dress. Good for her to make it interesting.


I love Nicole Kidman's 1399K diamond necklaces, it's so over the top, but also very pretty. But besdies that, nothing that pop out besides Cate and Jessica's bump.

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Totally Agree Zip! Jon Stewart even looked somewhat uncomfortable and very Bored! It would have been interesting to see IF the Writer's had Held Out a little longer..Just how many people would have been in that Audience? I'm sure they would have needed alot of "Seat" Filler's! The Best they could do was show Re-Runs of Past Winner's, nice nostalgia but not very Creative!



B U T I was very glad that for the First Time in a long time, my Choice's ALL were those also of the Voter's. Great to see Marion Cotillard DID NOT get Screwed out of Best Actress! Because she definitely WAS the Best Actress! She now can "Balance her Mantle Piece" with her Winning the BAFTA for Best Actress!


For those into Foreign Movie's..

Check Out "Jamon-Jamon" (Spain) with Javier Bardan...He made it with Penelope Cruze when they were both around 19! The Man was and is still a Major Hunk! She also has changed very little..A beautiful Woman...




Nice Touch when the Coen Bros Partner Thanked his "Partner and Honey Doug"! Right at the very End of the Boring Show!


George Clooney "Playing" George Clooney has really gotten DULL!


BUT I'm sure he appreciated the "Kiss" from Javier! Can't wait til he decide's to run for President! LOL ;-)

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I agree with zipper: what I saw of the show was lifeless, and Jon Stewart looked and sounded uncomfortable with all the bad lines he was given. The nominated songs all sounded the same, and the performances of them were terrible. Despite that, I agreed with most of the winners.

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I liked the Oscars this year. While there may not have been very memorable things about the show itself, there were some nice touches. Having an animated bee (voice of Seinfeld) present the award for the best Animated Film, and soldiers from Iraq present an award, was different. I don't think something like this has been done before.


While some people may be bored by montages, I happen to like them very much. Because the writers didn't have enough time to provide more material for Jon Stewart, montages were used this year more than any year I can remember. Granted, we can do without filler video clips like films with binoculars.


But as someone who likes film history, I really enjoy seeing a montage on the Best Picture from every year from the beginning of the Oscars to the present. The montage on people from the motion picture industry who passed away the previous year is a standard. I'd rather see montages than listen more to Jon Stewart, who wasn't that bad considering the circumstances.


The Coen brothers are unique. I remember the first film I saw by them - "Fargo." Their films have whacky characters and even whackier plots. While I haven't yet seen "No Country for Old Men," I'm glad the Academy recognized their achievement, even though their films are offbeat. Another poster already mentioned that a partner of the Coen Brothers ended his acceptance speech by mentioning his partner. I thought it was neat that the show ended with the Coen Brothers winning Best Picture and then the last remark by their partner. For the history of the Coen Brothers and their films:




It was also a first that all four top performer awards were won by foreigners.


Some people may think that the kinds of things I've indicated as different and interesting are trivia compared with a stellar host performance or a magnificent dress. But these are the things that make film history - not the show itself.

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Guest scortlovr

Totally agree that the only well dressed actress was Helen Mirren. Although Jon Stewart is a good host, the show was boring. No energy (kind of like the Coen brothers on stage!) All the songs nominated were as dull and uninteresting as the show itself. And can someone please explain to me why Thilda Swenton (spelling?) was even nominated, I have nothing against her, I think she's cool, but come on, her role and performance in tbat so so movie were not that remarkable. But then again, I also don't get George Clooney. The guy is sexy and charming and charismatic and would be welcome in my bed should Brad Pitt be too busy, but a great actor he ain't!x(

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I thought the whole thing was a crashing bore. And considering that it was the 80th anniversary you would have thought there would be at least one representative of "Old Hollywood" on stage to present an award. But, no, just the usual suspects and -- for me -- some nobodies that I had never heard of (who were those two ugly guys who were supposed to be Judi Dench and Halle Berry).


A pathetic joke of a show which apparently went unwatched by the vast majority of the American public. I am grateful that Ruby Dee didn't win for her 4 minutes of screen time. She shouldn't even have been nominated. That was a joke. Glad Tilda Swinton won. She rocks.



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