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Group shower

Guest skrubber
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I remember about 17 years ago or so when I was swimming for a gay swim team and we visited Montreal and swam against the Contre Currant team (I think they were called M.E.N., Montreal Equipe de Natation at that time) which was just loaded with gorgeous French Canadian male swimmers. They had the same type of showers at the pool where we had the meet and I almost had a heart attack taking a shower with those hunks (most of whom were uncut ymmmm) around those nozzle poles. It was the highlight of the meet for me! :p

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Guest showme43

We had those in Junior High, was an akward finish to gym class back then...also always found it odd that there was a window from the coaches office looking into the shower room :o

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Guest zipperzone

>I attended a boys school and the coach usually was in the

>shower room when the boys were running around naked. Hmm, I

>wonder about that coach!! }(


When I was in high school in Toronto, my PhysEd teacher was a real hunk who I learned long after I graduated, was tres gay - so much so that he was having an affair wirh my English teacher.


I also am pretty sure that our shop teacher was gay as well as a couple of the football coachs. Funny thing, one of them had a surname that fit the bill....... Mr Grabb.

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