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B.S. = 5150 W&I

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Poor poor Britney Spears, blond-bimbo & Bush-supporter, carted away again - this time committed. Keep her there Judge!



Good cause

Denying any of the patient's rights requires good cause. Good cause being defined as the belief of the professional in charge of care for the client that the specific right would cause


a danger to self or others;

a serious infringement on the rights of others; or

serious damage to the facility;

and that there is no less restrictive measure that would protect against those occurrences.


Patient rights can not be denied as a condition of admission nor as part of a treatment plan such as being labeled a privilege or as punishment. Any time a right is denied under good cause it must be documented in the patient's medical record and explained to the patient. The denial must be reviewed regularly and must be removed once good cause no longer exists.

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Guest zipperzone

RE: $25K motorcade for B.S.!


>It just goes to show that no matter how much money, fame,

>power, good looks, material things, or blessings anyone

>has...you can still be miserable.


Wasn't it Lauren Bacall who said (in I think "How to Marry a Millionaire")


Money doesn't automatically make you happy, but you can be a hell of a lot more comfortable while you're sitting around being miserable.

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