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In my ongoing quest to become a contestant on a game show, I took the Jeopardy contestant search quiz on line today. Once every six months or so, a quiz of 50 Jeopardy type questions is offered by the producers as part of the contestant search. Today at 8PM EST the east coast of NA resident's quiz was given. The central and pacific time zone residents' quizzes are offered on 1/30 and 1/31 at 8 PM local time. You can register at jeopardy.com

Anyone else take today's test?

I am still undecided about which is the first book of the New Testament. Would it be Matthew as the first book of the New Testament not part of the Old Testament or would you think it would be Genesis? You only have 15 seconds to read the question and type in an answer and I only read this once and so I cannot say exactly how the question was worded.



I have never seen a purplekow;

I never hope to see one;

I can tell you anyhow;

I'd rather see than be one


Help there is a purplekow in my mirror

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I didn't take the test, but Matthew is indeed the first book of the New Testament, and on this point, Roman Catholics and Protestants do agree.


P.S. I didn't do too badly answering the questions on last night's show -- from the comfort of my sofa and with a bottle of beer. On TV live? Who knows? And BTW, do you know of any books or articles about the craft of betting on Daily Doubles and Double Jeopardy?

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Just taking the test was quite a challenge. Answers that i definitely knew, were hard to get written in the time alloted, which was 15 seconds to read the question and type the answer. There was a long question which ended up asking who was the director of Into the Wild and I could only come up with the former Mr. Madonna in the alloted time. As soon as the next question came up, Mr. Penn's name came readily to mind. Would imagine the pressure of TV setting would be quite the challenge at the beginning.

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