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Justin Herring


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I just clicked the above link. I see no indication he's frozen his account.



Appears he's updated the Ad. When I checked earlier today the area in the upper right corner had the message he wasn't "currently" seeing clients, but that message is no longer there.

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something is up with his ad. if you search in DC his profile is not there.

It is strange that the link works, but if you do a search on the site, he’s not recognized. I remember this happened with Ryan Steel’s profile as well before it disappeared completely. ☹️

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11 hours ago, builder boy said:

Better choices today.   He’s over priced himself 

May I ask - what makes you say that?  He is still quoting me 300 for a full service incall ... 

While I have known him for several years, I am by no means a frequent client of his.  A few times per year, if that often.

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