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Montreal cost of living?

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I know we did this topic with NYC AND Chicago, but I'm wondering what the annual cost of living would be for an American living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada?


I'm not talking "lifestyles of the rich and famous" , just average allowance for clothes, bills- phone/cable/internet/electric/water,gas, mortgage or rent, food, entertainment, health care, public transit or parking for a car, insurance car/house/health, taxes- GST, PST, school tax, the municipal taxes, and of course the welcome tax on the home.



It seems like you would need to earn at least $100,000 to live a decent lifestyle in downtown Montreal.


I visited a couple brand new condos in Montreal and they wanted almost $400,000 for less than 1,000 square feet (one bedroom condo).





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Guest zipperzone

I think you can live in Montreal on much less than $100,000 per year.


You don't have to buy the 400K condo. The eastern areas of Montreal are full of fantastic older style rental apartments. Granted I haven't lived there for a few years, but the rents used to be very resonable.

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Montreal has been and continues to be a relative bargain in terms of living costs in major North American cities. The only real downside is the taxes, particularly income taxes but also high municipal taxes compared to other Canadian provinces. Americans living here part-time are only hit by the municipal taxes. Until this last year the Canadian dollar was also a huge incentive to spend at least part of the year here (the nice part) for those Americans who had the time (most retired but not all).


I moved to Montreal 10 years ago but kept an Ontario residence after I retired, mainly because of the taxes. What I save in taxes pays for the upkeep on my Ottawa home which I visit every month. Also the health care available in Ottawa is superior to what is available in Montreal IMO. As one gets older this is an important consideration.


For Americans living in my condo complex (there are 8 housholds I am aware of out of some 88 units), most arrived here when the dollar was around 65 cents American. Real estate was a bargain to begin with and with the exchange rate, Americans could buy a nice two bedroom condo downtown for the price of a luxury car. This is no longer the case. Still, real estate is cheaper than in Toronto or out west because of the lingering "political" factor which always hangs over Quebec.


Surprisingly, I find food more expensive in Montreal than in Ottawa, except for the price of milk. Wine is also cheaper in Ontario. The same brands of dog food are 25 percent more expensive in Montreal. The real killer is the income tax though. American are shocked when they learn what Canadians and partictularly Quebecers pay. Then again, health care is provided free of charge for all medically necessary procedures although more Quebecers are going to private clinics to avoid the hospitals and delays in the public system.


Most of the Americans I know only live here part-time in summer with the odd visit during special weekends like Black and Blue or Christmas and Easter holidays. Some Americans I know have left in the last couple of years as the Canadian dollar appreciated and expenses came more into line with what they faced at home. For those who owned real estate and sold it they made out like bandits since the dollar had gone up and so had the Canadian prices, a double-barreled effect. They would have faced taxes in the US though if they repatriated their money. As a result some I know rented out their condos and probably don't tell the US taxman (only my guess).


The most appealing aspect for a gay man is that Montreal offers a wonderful gay experience and Quebec society at least in Montreal is very tolerant of the gay life-style. At the government level, Montreal is promoted as a gay destination for tourists and part-time residents alike.

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We talked about my favorite American city Chicago and I missed it? Where is this thread? I'm mobile and running errands. Could someone post the cost of living in Chicago link? I'm hoping this is the year for the move and would be interested in reading it.





http://seaboy4hire.tripod.com http://www.daddysreviews.com/newest.php?who=greg_seattle


Chicago Jan 30th, Feb 1, 2, and 4th

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