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Marisa Berenson, etc.

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I was surfing last night and found some interesting info. Marisa Berenson is listed as an actress and model. She said she was the highest paid model of the 1960s. She has been married twice and the mistress of David Rothschild in Paris for several years and has a 30 year old daughter. The highest praise she has received as an actress came from Vincent Canby of the NYTimes, who wrote that "Marisa Berenson wears her costumes well." Her sister Berry (Berinthia) was married to Tony Perkins and had two boys, Osgood and Elvis. Berry was on the American airlines plane which crashed into the North Tower on 9-11. Tony died six months earlier. Elvis, who is 30 and a folk musician, was greatly affected by both deaths. Most of his music is about his mother's death. His first album was entitled "Ash Wednesday," because on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001, all he had left of his life were a few ashes. Osgood plays drums.


David Rothschild has four children, including one boy. One daughter was married recently. His wife is Olympia Aldobrandini, an Italian lady with a title. She has raised the children Catholic. David's brother Edouard was chosen head of the Rothschild Bank in 2003 and resigned in 2004 "to pursue other interests." Right. He raises the grapes for Rothschild wine and raises the Rothschild horses for racing. He is a "good friend" of Nicholas Sarkozy, head of France. The Rothschilds and Sarkozys vacation together (= Edouard picks up the bills for visits to La Baule Resort). When Sarkozy was running for president, the left wing "Liberation" paper wrote many articles critical of Sarkozy, so he called his friend Edouard up. Edouard bought a $20 Million stake (= majority share in the paper) and has fired the top two editors (=the two men who founded the paper decades ago). So criticism of Sarkozy has been muted a bit lately.


The American Wikipedia says Edouard has had two wives and two children, but the French Wikipedia says he has three children (one illegit?). Edouard is president of the French Racing Association. His racing colors are yellow cap and blue jacket, the reverse of his father's, who died last year, which had been blue cap and yellow jacket. Some say this is Freudian.


Info from Wikipedia.

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RE: Marisa Berenson and Zasu Pitts etc.


No, you are not the only one who liked it. I actually loved it, and I'm not alone. I guess you have to be a Kubrik fan to appreciate it.

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