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It works fine from my end, West Coaster. The standard reply would be delete your history and cookies and clear the cache.

What message are you getting when trying to access the site?




Steven ~

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I would try accessing x-tube with Firefox, instead

of using IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer.)


When you are done surfing on Firefox, clear out your

private data (under tools - click as many of the

boxes as you can). This will keep things running

smoothly and will make it just a bit harder for

anyone to swipe your passwords. Firefox also has

fewer conflicts and issues compared to Explorer.


If you don't have firefox, download it here:




If you still can't watch videos, then:


You may need to update your flash player.

Here is the site for that:




Good luck!




PS - Always keep your anti-virus software and anti-spyware

software active and updated. Scan your hard drive often

for viruses, adware, malware, spyware, etc. You never

know what crap your computer might pick up on the web,

especially if you are the only one who uses your

computer and your settings start to change

on their own.


Also, keep in mind that someone else here had a

problem with x-tube around the same time you did.

Every website can experience an outage or problem

that has nothing to do with your computer where

the whole website or parts of it (like the film

clips) just aren't working.

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What operating system (and version)?

What browser (and version)?

What happens when you try? Do you get a dialog? An error? A normal page that's missing parts? Nothing? Is there any message on your browser's status bar?


We can't see through your eyes, so you need to 'splain what's going on for anyone to have a reasonable guess.

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My operating systems is Microsoft Windows XP, Media Center Edition, Version 2002, Server Pack 2


Browser is Internet Explorer.


When attempting to logon to xtube using Internet Explorer I get one of two responses. The most common being the Google list of sites with "xtube' the other response is the standard Internet Exlorer canot display the page.


When attemptiong to logon using Firefox the message is consitently "The connection has timed out".


Everything was fine until I attempted to view the video that Rick had posted - that attempt was unsucessful and all attempts to access xtube sine then have been unsuccessful.

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OK, the fact that it's happening on two different browsers rules out a browser issue (mostly).


It's most likely a "bad hair day" (which can often last much more than a day) with your ISP's DNS servers. (Unless, of course, you're trying this from work in which case your employer may have just blocked xtube.) Or it may be a server somewhere on the internet between you and xtube that needs a kick in the head but nobody has realized it yet because nobody has called tech support to complain.


You haven't installed and/or activated any sort of parental controls have you?


You're obviously getting *here* just fine. Are there other sites you can't access?

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