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For Airshow Fans

Guest zipperzone
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Hey Zip! Thank your friend for the great pics! I loved the one of "Fat Albert" and of the Blue Angles. They fly over my neighborhood every year for Seattle's Sea Fair hydroplane races. What a joy to see them do some of their stuff from the balcony of my apt. Kind of freaks me out though when they fly over downtown or just a hundred feet (if that) from my on my scoot like they did this last summer. I almost pissed myself!





http://seaboy4hire.tripod.com http://www.daddysreviews.com/newest.php?who=greg_seattle


I'm feeling restless. Where should I travel to?

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The Chicago Air & Water show is much the same way.


The first year I lived there, I was at home on "practice" day the day before. I didn't know my apt. was directly under the exit path. The first time I heard what sounded like an incoming missile, I ducked for cover! ::chuckle::


The Blue Angels love buzzing the hi-rises downtown. It's pretty awesome up on the 20th floor.

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I was at the Toronto Air show once, but did not want to go a second time. The crowd faces towards the south, so you are constantly getting the sun in your face, and its quite hard to take good pictures being on the wrong side of the sun.

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Guest Tristan

Sad to say, the Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show has been cancelled for May, 2008. It has taken place for thirteen consecutive years. McDonald's was the title sponsor, contributing $3M to support the show. Apparently, the management at the big M changed and pulled out, the economy being what it is. The organization running the show could not find a another major sponsor. The show brought in $5M of revenue for the city and is the leading event of the year. The number of spectators has been estimated at 2 million. There will still be a Fleet Week.


Pilots loved flying in this show because the shoreline gave them a good reference point as they flew over the water along the beach area. It's quite a spectacular event with both military and civil aircraft participating, as well as parachute jumps and a beach landing. Hopefully, they'll be able to bring it back the following year.


- Tristan

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