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Rest in Peace Bernice

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Alice Ghostley passed away this past weekend.




I was familiar with her on Bewitched and LOVED HER when she was Bernice on Designing Women-she was absolutely crazy on that show yet you knew there was an intelligient woman behind Bernice's ramblings. After reading her obituary, I was not aware at what a long career she had and how she got her start in theatre. She was truly a one of a kind character actress who's characters are very memorable. Thank you for the laughs Alice. You will be missed.

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I know I've told this story here before in another context, but this seems an appropriate time to mention it again. One night in the "meat rack" on Fire island 1n the 1960s, Paul Lynde was enjoying himself fucking in the bushes, when suddenly we heard Alice's inimitable voice as she struggled through the underbrush, calling, "Paulie? Paulie? It's time to come back to the house. You need to work tomorrow!" And Lynde groaned, "Awww, Alice! No!"

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Guest Wetnwildbear

Last time I saw Alice Ghostley was on a DESIGNING WOMEN Reunion show


on some cable network. That was in the summer of 2003. Alice was


seated in the Studio but not on stage with the rest of the cast.


They spoke with her briefly on camera - but it was obvious that


she was struggling even then.



I met her once briefly in Ft Lauderdale pre-Designing Women days,


early 80's. She was in one of the clubs I was running. - I


think she was appearing in a show at the Burt Reynolds Dinner


Theatre (under the direction of the late Charles Nelson Reilly -


Insert Reilly's Signature Laugh Here)


She was very nice and very funny - Signing autographs for the Gay


Boys, tipping the dancers and drag queens and making fun of the gay



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