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We definitely need more masseur names

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At this point we need no more Alexes, Victors, Marcoses, or Maxes. I'm serious. There are far too many already. When people PM me to ask "What was your experience like with Alex?", I have to first ask, "Which ONE?" And don't get me started on the Victors. There are whole threads devoted to correctly identifying the Victors.


And why aren't there any Liams or Noahs out there, no Masons or Jasons, no Wyatts or Owens?


Julian, we need you! Aaron, we're waiting! Zachary, where have you been???


Are you listening, you little Russian man in Hell's Kitchen with all the cell phones?


If you need inspiration, start here! https://www.babble.com/pregnancy/1000-most-popular-boy-names/

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