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Bangalore gents near DC on RM

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Hi all.


I’ve noticed there seems to be a group of guys about 80 miles outside DC who are from Bangalore, India. The members seem to change but the location seems constant- I think they’re in Delaware?


One example that is sexy AF:



You can only contact them via WhatsApp or phone....


Some have been super hot but I’m hesitant to take the plunge due to the seemingly odd ways to communicate with them.


Thoughts? Anyone have any first hand experience?

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If they are genuinely from India, and just traveling, you shouldn’t find it odd that they have an Indian number, and that they prefer WhatsApp so as to avoid the costs of international calls and text messages.


But why do you think they are 80 miles outside DC, does Rentmen give you their current location, which I cannot see?

The guy you linked is currently in bengalore according to RM, not in Delaware.


Beware of scams, especially if you see several people using the same ad. Are the numbers they use sometimes common between different escorts?


By the way, I might move to bengalore! https://rentmen.eu/sid_boy

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Oh don't bother .. those are fake ads placed by crooks. See my thread about a similar guy from Bangalore. https://www.companyofmen.org/threads/curious-schedule.142848/#post-1623526 . When you contact, the guy at the other end wants you to send a deposit via Western Union to book an appointment and get nude pix. These ads are not real .. so no need to move to Bangalore yet. In fact, in India, most RM ads are placed by middlemen or agencies and they use a model's pix to lure clients.

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